Essay Example on Abstract Happiness and money both are the important role in human's life









Abstract Happiness and money both are the important role in human's life There is a question that many people will argue about the impact from them which have more benefit to people it also means which is more important for people between happiness and money I hope that when people work to make money they can live a happy life I go to the website that is authoritative with a lot of academic journal And I found some data that relate the happiness and money which shows that happiness is more important than money for people The final purpose that people make money is that they can live a happy life When people have the most basic material life happiness is more important than money for them If they want to earn more money and they will lose many things like family companionship the companionship of friends and the companionship of children which influence them to have a happy life From my research I hope that people have a new understanding of the importance of happiness and money and that everyone can have a happy life while working to make money With the development of the social and economic development our life also become more and more better However there is a question that what s the purpose of we live 

We live for make many money or we live for the happiness Which one is more important for us Is it important whether money is more important than happiness or happiness is more important than money Different people have different ideas For some people money is more important than happiness because they think that they need more money to buy more things if they have more money and then they can buy more expensive car clothes and they can buy many things they like In that case they can feel happy However there also is some people thinks that they don t need too much money and they can also fell very happy They can stay at the home cook with their family together they would feel very happy In their opinion happiness is very easy accompany is an easy way that can make they feel happy What s more playing with their friends travelling with the people they love and have a healthy body would also make them happy In fact happiness doesn t need too much money happiness is the biggest driving force for us to live not money Nowadays many young people they fight for their life they think if they have more money then they can live a better life and they will feel happy However whether money can make us feel happy Maich 2008 did a research about money and happiness he found that there is no doubt that money is inextricably linked with happiness because money provides freedom and power What we do with that freedom and power is all about our personal values

That s undeniable much money can buy many things you like and make you live a better life but it doesn t mean make you live a happy life On the contrary happiness can influence us and make our life become better Happiness is important for our family temperament and health Happiness is easy and it doesn t need too much money but it s important for us Happiness is important for temperament Holder and Klassen 2010 did a research about the happiness s influence on people they found that the happiness has a great impact on people s temperament happiness can make people become more active Happiness is not only influenced by the character of the child but also on the character of the adult For each person we all have the childhood and the happiness takes a great impact on the establishment of character and growth Shiner 1998 found that in the course of the child s growth happiness can affect the child s psychology If one children feel happy in the childhood which may effectively help the child s healthy growth and the establishment of character Holder and Coleman 2008 found that happiness can make children free from anxiety Because anxiety will have a negative impact on the children s learning and life therefore happiness is good for the growth of children

Besides happiness can also influence the temperament of adult Costa and McCrae 1980 found a strong and consistent finding is that adults happiness is associated with personality Happiness is positively related to an outgoing person and the people who are more positive they will be more active to their life and work finally their life will be more happier Therefore if one person lives a happy life which can influence him become positive to the life and then his character will be more extrovert which is benefit to their life Happiness is important for our family Happiness has a positive impact on children s learning and growth and can promote a more harmonious and happy family Bele n Janice and Michaela 2016 did a research about the Children s and Adolescents Conceptions of Happiness they found that the children have different understandings of happiness at different ages but there is a one thing is the same happiness takes a great role in their growth Sternberg and Nigro 1980 found that happiness can play a positive role the feeling of happiness is like a positive feeling If children have a happy childhood which is helpful to their study What s more important is that when child grows up which can also help them to have a happy family and help their children has a happy childhood

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