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Abstract Software testing is the most significant and time consuming part of software development life cycle It s purpose is to detect software disasters so that failings may be recovered and corrected in early phase Software Testing is a process of confirming that the product software that has been manufactured by programmers is a quality product and to declare that the manufactured product is working conferring to the specification and satisfying the customer requirements There are several methods to software testing but effective testing of complex product is fundamentally a process of investigation not merely a matter of making and following route procedure It is not possible to find out all the errors in the program This fundamental problem in testing thus throws an open question as to what would be the policy we should implement for testing In this paper we have defined most prevalent and commonly used software testing techniques for detecting errors which is Black Box Testing Keywords Black Box Testing Software Testing Software Development Life Cycle Software Quality Introduction Software testing is essential because we all make mistakes Some of those mistakes are insignificant but some of them are expensive or dangerous We requisite to check everything and anything we produce because things can always go wrong it s human propensity

The primary persistence of testing is to detect software failures so that faults may be discovered and modified Testing can be used as a common metric as well Software testing is used to test the software for other software quality factors like reliability usability capability efficiency portability integrity security maintainability compatibility etc Software testing is a very broad area which includes several technical and non technical areas such as specification design and implementation maintenance process and management problems in software engineering The most significant technique that is used for searching errors is Black Box Testing Black box testing is a technique of software testing that checks the functionality of an application without examining into its internal structures or workings In Black Box Testing it is not essential for a tester to have virtuous programming knowledge since it only examines the fundamental features of the system without going into detail This technique of test can be appliance virtually to all level of software testing unit integration system and acceptance It is occasionally discussed to as specification based testing Black box testing tends to find different kinds of errors than white box testing Missing functions Usability problems Performance problems Concurrency and timing errors Initialization and termination errors Etc In this this paper we discusses types methods tools techniques Advantages

And Disadvantages Of Black Box Testing Black Box Testing Steps At this juncture the common steps followed to carry out any type of Black Box Testing Initially requirements and specifications of the system are inspected Tester selects useable inputs positive test scenario to investigate whether SUT procedures them correctly Similarly some invalid inputs negative test scenario are selected to verify that the SUT is capable to detect them Tester determines expected outputs for very those inputs Software tester constructs test cases with the discerning inputs The test cases are executed Software tester compares the genuine outputs with the probable outputs Defects if any are fixed and re tested Types Black Box Testing There are several types of Black Box Testing but following are the prominent ones Functional testing This type of black box testing is related to functional necessities of a system it is done by software testers Non functional testing This type of black box testing is not associated to testing of a definite functionality but non functional necessities such as performance scalability usability Regression testing Regression Testing is complete after code fixes upgrades or any further system maintenance to check the new code has not affected the present code Other types 1 Build Verification Testing BVT 2 Smoke Testing 3 Sanity Testing 4 User Interface Testing 5 Usability Testing 6 Integration Testing 7 Compatibility Testing 8 Retesting 9 Regression 

Testing 10 Performance Testing 11 Load Testing 12 Stress Testing 13 Volume Testing 14 System Testing 15 Acceptance Testing Build Verification Testing BVT A build verification test is a usual of tests run on respectively new build of a product to check that the build is send to the test team The Build Verification Test is regularly a set of tests which exercises the normal functionality of the application Any build that fails the build verification test is disallowed and testing continues on the earlier build provided there has been at least one build that has accepted the verification test So build confirmation test are a type of regression that is done every time a new build is considered Build Verification tests are significant because they led developers identify right away if there is a thoughtful problem with the build and they save the test team unexploited time and prevention testing that is done respectively time a new build is taken Smoke Testing Smoke testing is done by developers earlier the build is unobstructed or by testers before accepting a build for supplementary testing After code reviews smoke testing is the most cost effective method for classifying and fixing defects in software In software engineering a smoke test usually consists of a gathering of tests that can be applied to a newly formed or repaired computer program This is a shallow and wide method to the application The tester touches all areas of the application without receiving too deep looking for responses to basic questions like The purpose is to control whether or not the application is so poorly broken that testing functionality in a more detailed way is unnecessary These written tests can either be performed by the same process that produces the build itself

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