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Academic performance is a key factor that drives a student to dropout of high school quality of teaching socioeconomic status parent involvement in their child's education and suspension are all factors that affect academic performance which result in high school dropouts Poor teaching highly affected student's learning and demotivated them which most often leading to dropout In the report The Silent Epidemic Perspectives Of High School Dropouts author JM Bridgeland indicates that most high school dropouts report that their school did not do enough to help students when they had trouble learning or understanding the material they were being taught Given that many high school dropouts complained about how inexperienced teacher could lead to dropout it makes sense that the effect of teaching is the most important influence on student performance What really makes a difference what matters more than the textbook or the use of technology in classroom is the quality of the teacher The ability to inspire young minds and likewise effectively engaging students in learning activities 

The research shows that kids who have two three four strong teachers in a row will eventually excel no matter what their background while kids who have even two weak teachers in a row will never recover A good effect of teaching is the key basic of learning it directly affects what student learn Therefore quality of teaching is definitely one very important factor that affect academic performance which result in high school dropout source Students belonging from higher social economical backgrounds perform better than other minority students associated with low socioeconomic backgrounds In the report Why Are Hispanic and African American Dropout Rates so High author Magnus Lofstrom states that Minority students are more likely to be economically disadvantaged A student who is economically disadvantaged is approximately 12 percentage points more likely to dropout of school than other students Aside from other factors Hispanic and Black high school students are still far more likely to be economically disadvantaged they are both less likely to complete high school compared to other ethnic groups While national high school dropout rates have steadily declined dropout rates for children living in poverty have steadily increased Low income students fail to graduate at five times the rate of middle income families and six times that of higher income youth National Center for Education Statistics 2016 Students in poverty are much more likely to be absent from school throughout their educational experiences

Zhang 2003 further increasing the learning gap between them and their wealthier peers Given the fact that socioeconomic class greatly impact high school completion It is not hard to conclude that low socioeconomic status directly correlates with high school dropouts and academic performance Therefore economic status played a role in contributing to academic performance and high school dropout rates Effective parent involvement in schools improves student achievement students with involved parents tend to perform better Parents of high school dropouts often are not interested in their children's education parents who place a low value on a high school education also transfer this low value to their children thereby increasing their children's chances of dropping out of high school High School Dropout Determinants Lack of a parental involvement is another potential problem that often leads to a higher dropout rates this especially applies to high school students In the article The Enduring Importance of Parental Involvements author Lily Eskelsen Garcia Otha Thornton states that Students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades and test scores have better social skills and show improved behavior Becoming active in a school s parent group is an important way to increase involvement Parental engagement has a significant effect on their children's academic performance regardless of socioeconomic status ethnic racial background or the parents education level it simply allows students to achieve more 

The parent s interest and investment in their children's education shows the child that their education is important If parents failed to hold high aspirations for their children's educational attainment their children will simply not get the point of doing well nor staying in school Therefore effective parental engagement matters to student's academic performance Suspension has a negative impact on student achievement while Black and Hispanics high school students are more likely to receive suspension compared to other ethnic groups The article Student Suspension from School Impact on Academic Achievement by Race by Denise Marie Ordway suggest that Black and Hispanic students are far more likely to be suspended and students who received suspension tend to perform poorer Suspensions of Black students occur at rates there to four times higher than the state average for all students How School Suspensions Push Black Students Behind It is one of the most impactful factors hindering their academic progress Suspensions have declined dramatically From 2012 2015 the number of suspensions in the state fell from 539 134 to 334 649 a decline of 37 9 percent The decline has been evident among all major ethnic groups but both Hispanic and Black students are still at a higher risk of being suspended Racial Disparities In School Suspensions An average of 16 percent of black students and 7 percent of Hispanic students are suspended each year compared to only 5 percent of white students The rate of suspension for white students has remained steady for over thirty years the rate of suspension for black students has almost tripled So You Want To Talk About Race They were disciplined more harshly and frequently because of their race than other student with similar condition suspension rate were higher for students of colors Student who are suspended from school frequently are at a greater risk of leaving school and tend to perform poorly Therefore suspension has strong association between both high school dropout rates and academic performance

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