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Academic Statement of Purpose MS in Information Management Applicant for Fall 2018 With a massive influx of data in every business sector more and more companies are making use of the consumer data to make decision making more accurate It was when I started working at Tech Mahindra for a US telecom major AT T I understood the potential of data and how it can be combined with intelligent systems to drive down key decisions and reduce the risk factor I have been observant about the advancement of analytics and data science as a whole and the further I delved into it more alluring was it it challenged my analytical and quantitative skills and has helped in sharpening them It is a thought provoking and compelling area of study dealing with statistics computing analysis and business strategies with enormous promise a pursuit I would dearly love to be a part of as companies over the world are making use of analytics in innovative ways getting an in depth knowledge would be a valuable asset in the future and I believe UIUC s MSIM program would be the perfect medium to help me to achieve my goals Coming from a family where my father is a law graduate a lot of significance was given to education since my childhood and this has always pushed me further to acquire more knowledge and skills in my area of interest For my undergraduate studies I opted for Instrumentation Technology as my major the multidisciplinary nature and having problem solving at its core allowed me to study the field of instruments Here while engaging in courses such as Control Systems Process Instrumentation Neural Networks and fuzzy logic I had my first brush with precise data calculations

Further courses such as Object oriented programming language and data structures helped me get familiar with core computer engineering concepts and develop a better approach towards problem-solving My interest in the field of analytics began to take shape when I learned how the existing control instruments are making use of real time data to make improved business decisions To put my newly found interest of data analytics methodologies into action I undertook a project titled Sentiment Analysis of Tweets here along with two team members I implemented data mining techniques and used hybrid classifier such as Support Vector Machine and k Nearest Neighbor to predict the sentiment of a particular tweet As a result of it we achieved the highest predictive accuracy when implemented the hybrid classifier This project left an ingrained mark on me as I began to delve further into the field of data analytics The skills gained also helped me implement a small database system for my father s automobile firm which enabled him to retrieve product details faster than before and allowed better management of the inventory Apart from engaging in academic pursuits I wanted to ensure holistic development hence I actively engaged in varied pursuits At AIESEC as a team leader I got an opportunity to interact with student interns from all over the world taking part in various leadership building workshops which shaped my leadership and management potential

As a member of the College Editorial board I assisted with content writing and the publishing of the college and departmental journal I am also an integral part of Roshini a local NGO which works for the development of underprivileged kids Over a period of six months I conducted various workshops and taught them about computers and its applications It was a gratifying experience and gave me a sense of contentment As I started my professional career in the field of data analytics at Tech Mahindra My work here involved managing and designing complex data sets relating to payment and billing of AT&T customers Over a period of time I felt the need for improvement in the way data is collected streamlining the process would help in eliminating the obsolete data and making the process faster In pursuit of the better approach towards the acquisition of data I created a python script which eliminated the redundant data and provided us with cleaner data which resulted in me being awarded a PAT ON the BACK award for innovative thinking Having gained an invaluable experience in the field of analytics my thirst to acquire more knowledge and improve my skills has only increased In the future I strive to develop intelligent data analytics tools that would help companies minimize their data acquisition costs and in order to achieve that a solid understanding of how businesses implement and utilize data and various methodologies to retrieve neat data is indispensable I am determined to build a sustainable career in the core analytics sector What I appreciate most is that the curriculum is more focused in my area of interest with an undertone of the management aspect of things The Data Science and Analytics pathway highly appeals to me largely because of its flexibility with the incorporation of courses such as text mining and data mining which would give me a hands on experience in the field of analytics and with electives such as Project Management and Financial Management makes it an ideal fit UIUC s reputation as a brand with a strong alumni base and strong industry connections in regards to university's Research Park would open doors to a lot of opportunities I strongly believe that UIUC s MSIM program would be an ideal fit for both my personal and professional growth as I look forward to contributing to the cohort of 2018 Thank you so much for considering my credentials I await your decision expectant and excited for the challenges ahead

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