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The generic definition For any business or organization you would need to control and monitor the cash flow and transactions to ensure the efficient operation of the business Accounting is not just dealing with numbers and math There s more to it Go on Read it So who does Accounting An Accountant does They are not just number crunchers they are the glue that holds companies together they actually do by overseeing their assets payroll their income and the outgoing expenses The word accountant comes from the French word computer or computer which means to count or score Why Choose Accounting Services Almost 2 million people in the U S work in Accounting and Bookkeeping Accounting has proven to be one of the most secure jobs throughout a number of different industries Enjoy job security and advancement Start your own business Work from home or in a workplace setting Degree Levels In Accounting There's A need for you to know the levels of Online Degrees provided by universities Accredited by AACSB An International member institution offering undergraduate and or graduate degree in Accounting CERTIFICATE This certificate is ideal for those who are new to the field While this type isn't required for those seeking a college degree it's ideal for people looking to learn the basics of accounting such as bookkeeping ASSOCIATE S If interested in an associate's degree will find that in local community colleges and technical schools 

With this you can land bookkeeper and accounting clerk jobs While it s limited in terms of opportunities you can move toward a bachelor's degree any university Duration Average of 2 Years BACHELOR'S Most universities offer bachelor's degree that requires a minimum of at least 120 credit hours A large amount of these classes will be focused on accounting business strategy and general education courses As the most common type of degree you can land anywhere from auditing financial planning consulting and technical accounting jobs Duration 4 5 Years MASTERS Students will have to focus on a particular accounting area For example these concentrations can include tax accounting or auditing There's also an option of doing specialization of your wish Duration 1 Year After the completion of Bachelor's Degree MBA A master's business administration degree with a focus in accounting can help you to prepare to be a certified public accountant In the United States today most states require that students should have a minimum of 150 credit hours to take the CPA exam If you plan on taking the CPA exam you should note that the preparation should start early as this is a very extensive and challenging exam to pass PhD If you want to achieve this type of degree you must successfully graduate from a master s program Upon completion a Ph D will require years of hard and extensive work Opportunities include budget analysts account management and other forms of managerial jobs Specialization Financial Accounting Involve around recordings and classifying transactions 

To prepare and present financial statements used by internal and external users Managerial Accounting Focuses on providing information for internal users of an organization deals with the needs of the management rather than strict compliance Cost Accounting It mostly refers to recording presentation and analysis of manufacturing costs considered to be the subset of managerial accounting Auditing Has two types in it External auditing Refers to the examination of financial statements by an independent party Internal auditing Focuses on evaluating the adequacy of a company's internal control structure Forensic Accounting Popular trends in Accounting It involves court and litigation cases fraud investigation claims and dispute resolution and other areas which involve legal matters Career Opportunities Below we've outlined the accounting and auditing profession along with other popular career pathways in accounting and finance Accountants and Auditors Accountants evaluate financial records to ensure their client or company is compliant with tax laws and regulations while auditors are specialized accountants trained to find errors discrepancies and others in financial records These professionals typically work long hours Management Analysts Management analysts work with companies and organizations to boost productivity increase profits and maintain an efficient structure Firstly they research the company's financial history and will often interview or survey employees to get a better understanding of how they work Once the research is complete analysts will deliver their findings to top executives Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate These professionals inspect evaluate and calculate the value of houses offices rental units public buildings and other types of property Their findings influence how properties are bought sold mortgaged taxed and insured Budget Analysts Budget analysts specialize in evaluating and managing organizations with large budgets and sizable financial wealth They write and review budget proposals and then work with organizational personnel to ensure these proposals are carried out efficiently

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