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Advancements in cancer treatment have the prospect of greatly changing society in various aspects One of the newest forms of medicine under investigation is the idea of personalized medicine which tailors treatment to the individual patient based on their specific genotype and DNA Also recognized as precision or genomic medicine personalization centers on evaluation of disease risk grounded on an individual's predisposition as it enables treatments to be carried out that may offer superior results to patients with different needs by using the patient's own genetic information An essential tool in personalized medicine is bioinformatics which uses analysis and aids in diagnosing disease and correlating genetics This new wave of medicine has great implications for engineering solutions globally economically environmentally and societally Traditional methods which rely on standardized procedures aimed at entire populations work almost on a trial and error basis Personalized medicine works not by necessarily developing a treatment uniquely for each individual but rather by identifying approaches which will be most effective for the patient established on their specific genetic environmental and lifestyle factors 

Through optimization of medical treatment personalization of medicine helps to reduce side effects for patients and reduce cost It has prospect in cancer prevention prognosis and treatment based on the distinctive individuality of tumors within each person Previous research and innovation has led to the unearthing of a draft of the entire human genomes nucleotide sequence in 2001 Newer technologies in genetic and biomedical engineering research working off the efforts of The Human Genome Project are overflowing to medicine and are allowing for an individual's genome to be scanned and analyzed unveiling rarities and variances amongst individuals Bioinformatics works to organize genomic data for easy access in comparative analysis Next generation sequencing and tumor profiling are just some of techniques involved in tailoring medicine to an individual Pharmacogenomics allows doctors to predict a patient's response to a drug helpful when treating cancer patients with highly reactive medication so to aid in minimizing side effects perhaps by lowering dosage Whereas targeted treatments are directed at developing treatment based on an if a given cancer has a molecular target that can be affected based on genes and proteins The process follows determining the probability of cancer development in a patient with attempt to reduce risk via elected screening approaches The patient is then matched with treatments selected to minimize side effects and maximize effectiveness

Finally the patient's prognosis is evaluated and the likelihood of relapse investigated Advancements such as this indicate promising results for the fields of science engineering and medicine On a global scale personalized medicine has the capability of changing the course of cancer research and prognosis by effective targeting and catering to an individual's needs The tools and techniques offered through bioinformatics may help researchers better analyze data collected by cancer patients on a genomic level that is specific which allows for a more detailed and specific approach which can better lead to a cure As with many new medical ventures there is a heavy price to pay the biological components involved and personalization are part of what drives the price The drug Kalydeco by Vertex Pharmaceuticals is used in treating cystic fibrosis and costs approximately 300 000 per year per individual The high cost associated may place a burden on patients and insurances financially however the ability to bypass a standardized treatment pathway actually can save patients money in the long run Another study conducted by Philips et al determined that personalized medicine although expensive was found to be cost effective and even cost saving Although still under clinical trial pharmaceutical companies such as Roche have begun to collaborate with companies such as Synapse to invest millions of dollars in personalized medicine to bring it to the forefront of current treatment It is currently on the rise with

123 treatments available as of 2017 an increase of over 60 from 2012 Personalized medicine in oncology also has implications on the environment in which the cure for such cancers will lead to longer lives for patients which will inevitably affect the environment possibly in a negative way via overpopulation and depletion of resources which also affects society The high cost of such care may create a divide in society based on economic wealth and status Initially those that can afford to pay out of pocket or pay insurances for such services will gain a longer and healthier life while those unable to afford it will suffer The more research and familiarization there is the greater the chance of affordability for all The opportunity personalized medicine offers in oncology using bioinformatics can greatly shape the global world Imparting effects globally economically environmentally and societally it is a revolutionary advancement It holds the ability to empower patients to take control of not only their own healthcare but also their future descendants by taking preventative measures and overcoming life threatening illnesses

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