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Advocating for mental illness funding assisting in generating developing and creating vital partnership required to implement the promotion and prevention of mental illness Besides the World Health Organization prioritizes the funding on creating public awareness on mental illness in its Global Action Program Ahmed Baruah 173 Mental illness funding ensures there is a substantial amount of information on mental illness prevention Such initiatives have been endorsed to incorporate a comprehensive literature review on the mental illness publicity Thus mental illness funding promotes the mental health based researchers which is resourceful to the medical practitioners to foster mental healthcare discussions from an international perspective Consequently significant mental illness funding is a central advocacy tool for to the policymakers when outlining their programs to general public and various healthcare stakeholders Furthermore the increase in the funding for the promotion of the mental illness awareness mostly boosts the prevention of mental illness in developing nations affected by frequent conflicts Such countries require funding on publicizing the mental illness issues since such states are characterized by an increased mental illness related cases

Therefore the World Health Organization in association with various organizations relies on funds to compile comprehensive mental health knowledge facilitate the existing mental illness research The dissemination of the mental illness knowledge to the general public often relies on the user friendly mechanism used by program makers and policymakers publicize easily understood information Ho Potash Ho Ho 14 Moreover the allocation of sufficient funds assists in incorporating significant efforts aimed at conducting and developing research capacity on mental health in developing nations Hence adequate funding for the mental health will assist in boosting the public awareness of the human made or natural disasters linked to psychological problems Additionally such mental health complications tend to be correlated with the most deprived areas across the globe which are characterized by severe financial constraints in the impoverished economic situation in such states 

The provision of sufficient funds to publicize the mental health issues depicts the differences used to categorize countries based on the available mental illness resources The distinct differences promote the development of appropriate programs and strategies which are crucial in the establishment of suitable psychological recommendations For instance initiation of work place and school related mental health care programs implementation of community and primary care linked to psychological policies Corrigan Buchholz Michaels McKenzie 205 The implementation of such programs and strategies to address the mental illness issues considerably depend on the available funds in the affected nations Moreover the prevention of the mental illness matters cannot be efficiently handled by one a specific sector Hence mental illness issues require financial collaboration and partnership from various organizations to resolve the mental health complications The professional associations national governments and non governmental organizations play a vital role in the provision and soliciting of the required funds to prevent and promote the mental health matters in the society Provencher Keyes 58 60 An effective collaboration and partnership will nurture the required strategic corporate links mandatory for the development of the mental illness prevention program Contrary the allocation of funds to health illness can contribute to negligence on other mental health complications Subsequently in a majority of the nation s especially among the developing nations most of the financial resources will be assigned to few established mental asylums Thus only a given portion of the mental health patients who require the psychological treatment 

The allocation of funds to publicize the mental health care issues will contribute to discrimination in the medical insurance linked to the mental disorders Tulloch Priebe 17 As a result most of the insurance firms will eliminate the medical coverage for the mental disorders due to the assumed funding from governmental and non governmental organizations Additionally contribution to the lack of comprehensive and rational mental health legislation and policies in most nations across the world Work Cited Ahmed N Baruah A Awareness about mental illness among the family members of persons with mental illness in a selected District of Assam Indian Journal Of Social Psychiatry 33 2 2017 PP 171 175 dx doi org 10 4103 0971 9962 209199 Corrigan P Buchholz B Michaels P McKenzie S Adults perceptions about whether children should disclose their mental illness Journal Of Public Mental Health 15 4 2016 pp 200 208 dx doi org 10 1108 jpmh 03 2016 0012 Ho R Potash J Ho A Ho V EPA 0617 Enhancing public awareness of people living with mental illness through art exhibition and workshops European Psychiatry 29 2014 PP 14 18 dx doi org 10 1016 s0924 9338 14 77998 2 Provencher H Keyes C Complete mental health recovery bridging mental illness with positive mental health Journal Of Public Mental Health 10 1 2011 pp 57 69 dx doi org 10 1108 17465721111134556 Tulloch S Priebe S Population based indices for the funding of mental health care a review and implications Journal Of Public Mental Health 9 2 2010 pp 15 22 dx doi org 10 5042 jpmh 2010 0325

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