Essay Example on After reading the stories or poems of Chicana Falsa by Michele Serros









Are all stereotypes bad In most of my essays I follow the same kind of pattern where I read about something in English class and I get to thinking about some kind of question that I get really intrigued about After reading the stories or poems of Chicana Falsa by Michele Serros I got to thinking are all stereotypes bad Can some help us After researching this topic on the internet for a little while I have come to the conclusion that many stereotypes that are enforced are negative but some can be used in a beneficial way to solve problems or to asset a situation Think about it all of the things that you have been taught has given you an indication of whether it is good or bad As you grow up and absorb the information you are taught you begin to develop connections to different things For instance the color red is commonly associated with emergencies or danger Things included in this are firefighters emergency exits and traffic lights The website wonderopolis org is a site that explains that when police cars use red and blue lights it is to accommodate for some people who may be colorblind It states that Using both red and blue lights thus helps to alert all drivers even those with colorblindness Wonderopolis org In a situation that looms with panic this association can help people get to safety and find a way out of bad situation Another thing that we do is assume what's happening in this situation without even knowing what is really going on 

One example of this is what people are wearing If you are at an event where everyone is dressed up formally then you can tell logically that this is a higher ended event If you are a big company you will want to maintain a good image to the public you don't want your workers showing up in pajamas so you might enforce a dress code policy to look like a successful well organized business While searching up sources for how uniforms help determine you I found a cool video talking about their way police forces deal with riots and how they attempt to keep the peace In this video titled How to deal with riots it indicated that in every riot the police force is always dwarfed by the number of rioters Because they are all marching for the same reasons they fell united and stronger then if they were just protesting on their own To combat this police try to dehumanize themselves as much as possible Donning on tactical vests and harkened helmets they try to look ominous like they are significantly different in comparison to the rioters Standing in organized formations they move as one generating the images that they act as on and it gives them the feeling that they have control of the situation In reality the video talked about how the main goal of the police force is not to stop the riot itself but to contain where the protests go and let the crowd disperse on its own It's only when you corner the protesters and give them the fear that there's no way out then that's when you have to start worrying about the thought of the protesters getting violent In the book Chicana Falsa by Michele Serros the poem titled La Letty shows the conflicts she faced growing up with her own sister 

She was labeled as a Fake Mexican and not a real member because she didn't follow the same path as her sister To be very clear the types of stereotypes that go on in this story are not the same types of stereotypes I'm trying to backup She is brought down to a point where she even questions her own ethnicity even though you can t make it up This is only a way of harming people by casting them out as outcasts because they did not hang with gangsters and thugs or stay out late with older guys This also happens in a worse way in the poem Annie says also written by Michele Serros To be brought down by her sister and now her aunt as well has to be extremely demoralizing Your own family saying what you are or what you can is based on things you can t change is not a good way to spend your childhood The stereotypes that I am promoting are ones that help you navigate and understand things You learn these things absentmindedly as you grow and develop into an adult Judging things not based on race or religion but off of logic Lastly I think we should always think before we act This helps us solve problems more effectively and to grasp a better understanding of a situation as it arises The question that I had at the start was Are all stereotypes and biases bad Can we use them to our advantage I think that in this essay that I have provided a clear stance that in the right circumstances using a bias can be a beneficial factor to our critical thinking skills by helping us make good choices

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