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Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Germany on March 14th to a father named Hermann Einstein and a mother named Pauline Einstein One year later the family moved to the city of Munich A one year later in 1881 his sister Maja Einstein A few years after at the age of 5 his father gives him a pocket compass and shows him the wonders of science he thinks it magic and it is fascinating to him Due to monetary reasons the family move from Munich to Pavia Italy Albert stays in Munich to finish his studies but soon decides to follow his family to Italy He is sent to the Aarau Switzerland to finish high school Albert falls in love with Mileva a Hungarian classmate at the ETH Zürich Einstein and Mileva have a daughter called Lieserl Einstein who is later given up for adoption Albert takes a job at the Swiss Patent Office Albert and Mileva s first son Hans Albert Einstein was born in Bern Switzerland Albert and Mileva s first son Hans Albert Einstein was born in Bern Switzerland His Special Theory of Relativity is born and he applies his theory to mass and energy and formulates the famous equation e mc2 Einstein has four papers published in Annalen der Physik the leading German physics journal 1905 is known as Einstein s Wonderful Year He resigns from Patent Office and is appointed Associate Professor of theoretical physics at Zurich University His General Theory of Relativity is published Einstein and Mileva divorce and Einstein married his cousin Elsa on May 29

A solar eclipse proved Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for 1921 Elsa Einstein dies in 1936 World War 2 starts and Albert Einstein warns President Roosevelt that Germany might build an atomic bomb He then recommends nuclear research Einstein becomes a citizen of the United States but also retains his Swiss citizenship Mileva dies Albert Einstein is offered presidency of the State of Israel He declines Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding He died in Princeton Hospital at the age of 76 One of his great achievement are Photoelectric Effect is the emissions of electrons from a metal when light shines on it In his paper released on June 9 1905 Einstein challenged the wave theory of light and suggested that light could also be regarded as photons Einstein s discovery was important in establishing the field of quantum mechanics Quantum mechanics explained many features of our universe and is used a lot in modern technological The differences of Newtonian mechanics with Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism led Einstein to write his paper on the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies which was published on September 26 1905 Einstein proposed major changes to mechanics while handling situations close to the speed of light This later became known as Einstein's special theory of relativity It was supported by experimental evidence and soon gained widespread acceptance As of today special relativity is the most accurate model of motion at any speed In connection to his theory of special relativity Albert Einstein predicted the equivalence of mass m and energy E through his famous mass energy equivalence formula E mc2 where c is the speed of light in vacuum This was of import because it showed that a particle possesses an energy called the rest energy distinct from its classical kinetic and potential energies It implied that gravity had the ability to bend light and could be used to find the amount of energy released or consumed during nuclear reactions His father was Hermann Einstein and he was both an engineer and a salesman His mother was Pauline Einstein and was a housewife Einstein married a woman named Mileva Maric

They were students together at in Z ϋ ric They were married in January of 1903 However a year before that in 1902 the couple had a daughter together who they named Liesel Liesel is a very interesting person in the life of Albert Einstein People did not even know that she existed until 1986 when they found a letter between Albert and Mileva that mentioned her After 1903 no one ever heard of her again People do not know if she was adopted if she passed away or some other sort of fate awaited her It does not seem that we will ever know They had two more children together Hans Albert Einstein in 1904 and Eduard in 1910 The couple got divorced nine years later after having lived apart for five years while Einstein taught at the University of Berlin while Mileva stayed in Zurich and took care of the children Einstein had been having an affair with Elsa Lowenthal since 1912 which presumably put a strain on his first marriage She was his first cousin on his mother's side and his second cousin on his father's side They were married shortly after Einstein divorced his first wife

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