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Albert Einstein is such a well known scientist to this day Shocking enough he was once caught daydreaming In fact he was failing math and almost kicked out of his college for daydreaming Little did people know his daydreaming is what helped him achieve so much success and made him the well known scientist he is today He even mentioned that by gazing into the sunbeams on a hot summer day he discovered the theory of relativity One of our well known activist Martin Luther King daydreamed to create visions for the future He said he would have to mentally remove himself for his present and daydream to get away and think about a better place to be in I know you're probably asking yourself are daydreams and dreams the same Are they different After researching I ve come to find out they are completely different Daydreams are dreams you can control and sleeping dreams are dreams you cannot Many people may think daydreams happen unintentionally which can imitate sleeping dreams but that's not the case Researchers suggest that people begin to zone out and daydream on purpose Blaszczak Boxe September 2016 In their study they ve found that most people who are asked to complete a simple task start to let their minds wander on purpose because they know that by not paying attention to what they are doing it won't hurt their performance 

On harder and more challenging tasks they are more focused and concentrated on the task Blaszczak Boxe September 2016 Dr Matthew Lorber an acting director of child and adolescent psychiatry at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City states that not all daydreaming is bad he goes on to say Daydreaming motivates people to work toward accomplishing their goals Blaszczak Boxe September 2016 He gives an example that if a high school student daydreams about getting into a good college such daydreaming may motivate him or her to actually study more during high school in order to get into a good college Blaszczak Boxe September 2016 Many researchers can also agree that daydreaming helps with problem solving If you are stuck on a specific problem let your mind wander and it can help you get unstuck and figure the answer For example have you ever been sitting in a classroom taking a test and you are on a roll and know all of the answers until you get to one that you're unsure of You find yourself wandering away from the test paper and looking at a window or even staring at the wall hoping the answer will just appear 

After just wandering for a couple minutes the answer hits you and you start to remember It almost feels like the answer was in front of you the whole time This is what daydreaming does For some it helps us stimulate our minds to retrieve information and to find the correct answer Have you ever wondered what's happening to our brains as we daydream What happens when our brain zones off and we start to do things on autopilot like showering walking cleaning etc Dr Michael Rich at Harvard University states when we begin doing these things our brains fall into what s called a default mode network He says when our brains our in this mode we start reflecting on memories or even think about our future What happens when we daydream There s no structure to any of these thoughts it's all a stream of consciousness so our mind finds connections between things that we didn't find connected before This is where our creativity comes from letting our minds find connections to things we didn't see before What happens when we daydream Now that we're in 2018 we have stopped letting our mind go off and wonder and now we have all these tiny screens in front of us everywhere we go whether it s a computer or your cell phone It's definitely more tempting staring at that screen and looking at the latest news or social media instead of letting our minds wander 

I have made it a goal for this new year to put my phone down next time I'm standing in line at a grocery store or even waiting for someone in a parking lot and just let my mind wander as I used to when I was a kid In conclusion daydreaming may not be as bad as we first thought So if you find yourself working on things and feel your attention wandering off for a bit don t feel too bad about it As we learned you could be gathering some thought to put all your energy into the first task to create something great As long as it doesn t make you less creative and productive you could actually be getting more done with the brainpower you have

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