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All businesses aim to produce a quality workforce and the human resource planning exists to help achieve this The human resource planning consists of attracting developing and engaging employees In every business human resource HR plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the business While the purpose of HR is to ascertain that employees are performing their task their purpose is also to take care of the employees well being This is because employee and work productivity are interrelated When the needs of employees are realised they will be motivated to work more productively In order to encourage worker productivity the first step is to increase employees engagement Albright 2007 A recent study by Mann Harter 2016 states less than 15 of workers worldwide are engaged in their work Creating an environment to encourage employee engagement and work productivity requires managers and leaders of businesses to examine in detail the human resource strategic planning The Sales Team in Catapult has low employee engagement due to lack of motivation Barbara Thompson the Sales Manager is biased among her team members Her praising the Fab Four regularly during the monthly meetings is causing other members to feel demotivated because they are unable to be as good as the Fab Four Employee demotivation has caused the productivity and work engagement to drop It is suggested that Sarah Westerly apply Herzberg's two factor theory to increase employee satisfaction in Catapult Herzberg's theory states that motivators can increase satisfaction while hygiene factors can prevent dissatisfaction Herzberg's Two Factor

Theory n d For example Sarah should promote growth opportunities for the employees by providing adequate training to ensure that all employees have appropriate skills Moreover empowering employees by giving ownership in their work If they are able to accomplish their task successfully it is important that the employees work is recognised so that they are more motivated to do their work properly Meanwhile the Tech Team also plays an important role in handling queries from customers and assisting new connections Nevertheless with the increasing calls directed from the Sales Team this caused them to be under constant pressure as they are understaffed to cater with the rising number of incoming calls from the customers In order to satisfy customer needs and achieve Catapult s goal the Tech Team are overworked However compared to the Sales Team their monthly salary is lesser and does not equate to the amount of work they put to accomplish their task In addition the remuneration system is biased to the Sales Team Although the Tech Team managed to achieve their target performance no incentives were received As a result in the span of nine months a third of the members have left Catapult and been replaced A quality workforce must have a work life balance However in this case the employees in the Tech Team are overworked Thus it is recommended that Catapult starts recruiting more employees If effective recruitment is applied the business will be able to find the right people with the needed skills and abilities The basic recruitment process starts with finding your hiring needs before advertising a job vacancy Deutsch 2016 Next find viable candidates that fit your criteria Telephones screening should be undertaken before having a face to face discussion to find the best candidates 

When the right person is recruited ensure that they are accepted and comfortable in the workplace to prevent them from leaving the job Nonetheless the HR process continues with equipping the employees with sufficient training and development Lastly performance appraisal is conducted to assess the performance of employees Remunerations and benefits are given to workers that successfully accomplish their task To conclude this report strategic and human resource management is vital for the future growth of Catapult With the support of strategic management the managers of Catapult will be able to make wise decisions using the strategic management process Catapult s core competency which is operating purely in New Zealand can be capitalised with the assistance of strategic management by analysing using the tools such as Porter's 5 Forces Analysis and the SWOT Analysis With data obtained from the analysis tools Catapult will be able to make the required changes for the development of Catapult On the other hand all business growth must have the support of its employees The human resource of Catapult needs to ensure that the growth of its employees is also on hand with the organisation s growth This is because employees are what helps an organisation function Thus to ensure the development of an effective workforce Sarah Westerly can apply the 3 stages of HR process to solve staffing issues that are occurring in Catapult The needs of employees should also be fulfilled to increase the productivity and engagement of employees In the near future if Catapult utilises all the tolls from strategic and human resource management it is highly probable that Catapult will manage to regain their market share and form a sustainable competitive advantage

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