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All Muslims are immigrants and are from Pakistan Islam is a religion of 1 8 billion followers and encompases a wide range of ethnicities cultures and traditions In the UK there are over 2 5 million Muslim 8 of whom are White British According to the 2011 census the ethnic diversity of British Muslims means that 68 of British Muslims are of Asian origin 1 in 12 is of White ethnicity and 47 of Muslims are UK born Although the UK is home to the largest Pakistani community in Europe 1 17 million Britain is home to Muslim populations from all over the world not only Asia or the Middle East 2 Islam and Muslims are not compatible with the West Islam is one of three Abrahamic faiths together with Judaism and Christianity Therefore Muslims believe that the essential message of their faith is no different from the core message of the other two faiths so commonly followed in the West The Quran the Muslim holy book contains accounts similar to the ones found in the Old and New Testaments such as the story of prophet Moses and the parting of the red sea Moreover a lot of the West s values and ethics resonated on the teaching of Prophet Muhammad the founder of Islam For example the Prophet believed in equality sincerity justice and forgiveness virtues that those who live in the West are encouraged to strive towards 

3 Muslims have come to the UK and have drained our benefits system Just like any group British Muslims are both contributors as well as beneficiaries of the UK s welfare system British Muslims contribute ober 31 billion to the UK economy and have an estimated spending power of over 20 billion Moreover during the month of Ramadan British Muslims gave 100 million to charitable causes that is 38 per second As such it could be that the same Muslim individual will one day be contributing to the UK welfare system through their taxes and the next day fall victim to the same harsh economic climate we are experiencing and thus become reliant on the welfare system in the same way any British citizen would In essence for Muslims fulfilling their duties in paying taxes and practising their rights in claiming benefits has less to do with their faith and more to do with the fact they re equal citizens 4 Islam is oppressive to women There is a common misconception that the Muslim women oppressed women and forces them into a subservient role Actually The Quran explicitly states that men and women are equal in the eyes of God insists that women have the right to refuse a prospective husband and encourages all Muslims to educate their daughters However gender roles world wide vary from country to country and women everywhere and subject to inequalities Although this does not exempt Muslim countries it is a women s rights issue rather than a religious matter 

That being said a lot of Muslim countries are setting strong examples for female leadership and empowerment Countries including Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a higher percentage of women in office than the United States and nations such Turkey Indonesia Kosovo and Bangladesh have had Muslim women as head of state 5 Islam is intolerant of other religions In fact in the The Quran Muslims are reminded that they are not the only ones who worship God The Holy Book of Islam sees Christians and Jews as members of the family of Abraham one of the prophets and Muslims respect these religions because they believe that they all worship the same God However compared to Judaims and Christianity Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God but that he was one of God s prophets just like Muhammad Moreover The Qur an and the islamic religion encourages all Muslims to protect from harm not only mosques but also monasteries synagogues and churches because God is worshiped therein 6 Islam is a violent religion that promotes terrorism

 According to Europol out of all the 2017 terrorist attacks in Europe 99 were carried by right wing nationalists 27 by left wing and only 13 were carried out by Jihadists In fact the vast majority of Muslim worldwide condemn terrorist attacks and terrorist activity reject violence and truly and see these radical beliefs and behaviors as a distortion of the Muslim faith It is important to say exteremist in not unique to Islam In fact every belief system comes with a wide spectrum of attitudes and extremism is not singular to Islam According to a 2008 leaked MI5 report it was found that found that far from being religious zealots a large number of those involved in terrorism do not practise their faith regularly The report also found that the majority of those involved in extremist activity are British nationals new to their faith and in fact and few have been brought up in strongly religious households Moreover according to psychiatrist Marc Sageman who has interviewed numerous jihadi terrorists Terrorism is really political violence first and foremost If you dialogue with these people if you look at how they actually move into jihad there is very little discussion of religion

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