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Transportation Aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio thus it is always be used in transportation Its lighter weight suggests that less force is required to move the vehicle leading to greater fuel efficiency By alloying aluminium with other metals will helps to increase its strength and its corrosion resistance is an added bonus eliminating the need for heavy and expensive anti corrosion coatings High speed rail systems like the Shinkansen in Japan and the Maglev in Shanghai also use aluminium The metal allows designers to reduce the weight of the trains cutting down on friction resistance Due to being light strong and flexible aluminium is ideal for aircraft and that is why it has been known as the winged metal Aluminium makes up 75 80 of a modern aircraft and it was actually first used in aviation before aeroplanes were invented In addition all modern spacecraft contain between 50 90 of aluminium alloys in their parts The key benefit of aluminium alloys used in spacecraft is their ability to withstand high and low temperature vibration loads and radiation Furthermore they have the property of cryogenic strengthening which means that as the temperature falls their strength and flexibility only increases The common combinations of aluminium with other metals such as aluminium and titanium aluminium and nickel as well as aluminium chromium and iron Richard Bach 2016 2 1 2 2 Construction The first building in which aluminium was widely used in construction was the Empire State Building the famous New York skyscraper built in 1913 Early in the middle of the twentieth century aluminium became more popular in the construction of high rise buildings and bridges Window frames panels domes roofs and other wide span constructions and ornaments were increasingly made with aluminium

Nowadays it is used for roofs siding translucent panes window and door frames staircase air conditioning systems solar protection heating systems furniture and many other things The minimum design service life of aluminium structure is 80 years Within this time span aluminium can be used in any climatic conditions and does not lose its properties in temperatures ranging between 80 and 300 Aluminium structures can be slightly prone to damage in fires but the metal becomes even stronger at low temperatures Aluminium is remarkable for its lightness because of its low specific weight aluminium plate constitutes half the weight of steel with the same stiffness The lightweight of aluminium drawbridges makes their mechanical components lighter and minimizing the counterbalances Needless to say it is simpler faster and more convenient to work with lightweight structures 2 1 2 3 Electrical Engineering Since aluminium has an undeniable advantage it is lighter only aluminium wires are used in main overhead power lines as weight is one of the most important parameters for high voltage power lines that transmit power over long distances The comparably light weight of aluminium wires reduce the load onto grid pylons and increases the distance of spans between them thus reducing expenses and shortening construction time If copper was used support structures would be heavier more numerous and more expensive

Aluminium is also more ductile than copper enabling it to be formed into wires much more easily Moreover its corrosion resistance helps protect wires from the elements The used of aluminium is not only limited to power lines and cable it is also used in motors appliances and power systems Television antenna and satellite dishes even some LED bulbs are made of aluminium 2 1 2 4 Consumer Goods Tablet PCs flat screen TVs sporting equipment furniture mirrors and coffee machines and many other products and gadgets we use in our everyday lives contain aluminium It is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality which defines its success in this industry Gadgets in aluminium bodies look sophisticated and reliable while remains light and robust Nowadays global electronics manufacturers are leaning towards usage of aluminium to replace steel and plastic Aluminium is stronger and more reliable than plastic it's lighter than steel it can absorb and dissipate heat that is inevitably generated by running electronic devices which is why the best modern flat screen TVs from market leaders Samsung LG Sony and Philips are made from aluminium The characteristic of aluminium which it is easy to process and aesthetically pleasing give favour to the designer to freely designing and choosing the shape for their creation Aluminium is used in tables chairs shutters picture frames lamps decorative wall panels air conditioning units and radiators 2 1 2 5 Packaging Aluminium is the most versatile packaging material in the world This acknowledgment comes from their ability to form any shape and its protective qualities On top of that a key benefit is that aluminium foil aluminium cans and other aluminium packaging materials can be fully recycled and reused an infinite number of times Aluminium foil is an everyday presence in our lives They look thin but strong and eye catching because of its silvery glitter Its unique insulating properties make aluminium foil ideal packaging for just about anything Packing made from aluminium foil is most widely used in the food industry Many groceries are easily affected by sunlight which damages their appearance and worsens their taste Foil solves this problem in the best way possible which is why it is generally regarded as the ideal core packaging material for dairy products pastries and beverages Last but not least aluminium cans are the most environmentally friendly and most recyclable type of container in the world In addition the can itself does not get rusty or lose its properties in any other way More than half of the aluminium in existence today can be recycled

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