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Mohammed Yasser Arafath Statement of Purpose Master’s in Finance Ambition fuels success in any chosen career But ambition without taking the necessary steps to get there is just a wish I am no wishful thinker Ever since high school I have taken every opportunity to excel in my academics knowing that my formal education make up the building blocks that shape my career to where I want it to be It is my career ambition to be a successful business and finance manager and I made a good start completing a dual baccalaureate in Hospitality Management and Diploma of Hotel Management at the State Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology in Trichy India with distinction in 2009 with the view of managing the finances of a hospitality firm After a brief internship in a hotel business I pursued a postgraduate Master of Business Administration from RMKEC Chennai where my career direction went through a meaningful change during the second semester I was introduced to the world of investments with inspiring lectures in Financial Management from Professor Senthil Gavaskar that have driven me to strengthen my career in finance and investment

After I completed my MBA in 2012 I landed my first professional engagement with the Federal Bank Ltd where I served as Assistant Manager at its Tiruchirappalli office having gone through the ranks starting as an Officer at its Tuticorin branch Working in a banking firm was hugely transformational in my career direction as I got a chance to share views and experiences about finance and investments among professionals and finance enthusiasts At this point in my career I know I have so much more to learn to succeed in my chosen career in financial and wealth management which I plan to bring to a higher plan with a Master of Finance at RMIT Melbourne Australia which is due to commence on26th February 2018 I am now looking forward to fulfill a career goal to succeed as an Investment Advisor Consultant providing financial management solutions that can enable or help individuals and organizations to achieve their wealth management goals Over the years after my MBA I have witnessed many of my relatives and friends lose millions of rupees on their businesses driving me to question why only a few reap unparalleled success and profits while most lose their savings on failed initiatives or settling for a lower ROI than they had expected

While no business is without risk I am convinced that sound financial strategies and solutions can help minimize that risk It is here where I plan to gain practical wisdom to help investors both amateur and veteran with the proper approaches to secure a more stable financial future Armed with five years working in a reputed bankand understanding the basic principles of investments I have decided to pursue further studies to boost my competence in investment management After some due diligence and consultations with my peers I have concluded that the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT offers the most relevant and demanding curriculum that can challenge me to excel in the areas where I can bring my career to a higher plane RMIT University is one of the finest institutes for finance programs a global university featuring among top 250 universities in the world The curriculum focuses more on practical industry learning which will give students the skill and experience that the employers look for Furthermore I chose to study in Australia as it enjoys an international reputation for excellence in the field of finance Australian universities emphasize on practical and career oriented trainings which gives us the confident to have possess the skill set demanded by the employers 

Also Australian qualifications are not only recognised by employers around the world but nominating us desirable candidates for employment globally After completing my Masters in Finance I plan to take on greater responsibilities in the wealth management sector I see myself as providing business and finance consultancy to start up companies managing their financial investments that would further grow their capital sources to fund business expansion For the next few years I plan to work for top organizations like Bajaj Capital and HDFC and gain rich experience before I apply for my Professional License My ultimate goal is to establish an Investment organization in my country leading a team of professional and talented financial management consultants with similar drive to serve the wealth aspirations of people and organizations All these plans will need a solid foothold that only a postgraduate Master s degree in Finance can provide I eagerly look forward to gain valuable inputs from world renowned RMIT professors Dr Monica Tan and Dr Steven Kates and possibly to assist them in their future projects and publications My abilities as an MBA graduate brim with the hope that I can start my journey this coming semester

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