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Ambition is something everyone should feel or have in life but like everything in life it needs to be controlled and it needs a limit or it might become something negative Without ambition people live in the comfort zone and it would not let us see our true potentials that we might have or that we can develop Feeling ambition will also help us discover new places people and things others might not see I personally think there are some groups that are more ambitious than other ones Groups can be classified in different ways A group can be some people from the same country culture religion a certain range of age or people with the same needs or same goals I am going to focus on the group of people that are more ambitious than others and they come from underdeveloped countries people with high needs that are less fortunate and have fewer opportunities in life If ambition is something everyone can have or feel it why are they certain groups more ambitious than others I believe there are several reasons for that and I personally went through some of the following reasons myself I was born in Colombia a country which is not as fortunate and lucky as the United States I am not saying Colombia it's the worst country to be raised but it is not the best one either 

When you are born in underdeveloped countries and you have ambition you see and live life in a different way To be able to break routines and make changes for a better future I think some groups of people are more ambitious than others because they want to get out of poverty because they want a better tomorrow for themselves their families or and as a country People have differences in cultures and how they are raised which can lead us to people not wanting to be conformist and be wanting to make a change in their life Some groups are more ambitious than others just as simple because they have goals or because they are not living in a bubble like many other people do in the United States When I say living in a bubble I mean that there are some kids in America that never experienced poverty before or never had to refrain themselves from basic things They were lucky enough to have everything since day one and in reality they don't really appreciate things Once you are used to basic things you don't really fight for them since you think it's a right to have them and think they will always be there which other groups lack them since they were born or it takes them so many sacrifices to get them that they learn the real value of things The perfect example for this it is how we have free basic education in the United States and you see so many students dropping out or going to school every day because they have to not because they want to something completely different in South Americans countries where having access to basic education is not easy Countries where kids might have to work before class to help support their families or they have to go to class probably on an empty stomach or they just can t afford school and cannot go If you give just one opportunity to one kid in one of these unfavorable conditions that kid is going to give everything he is asked and extra to make sure his reality changes and that is why he might be more ambitious than a privileged one I can personally say that when I used to live in Colombia I never had to suffer anything like that but I did see many of these examples with my own eyes I always knew that everything my parents gave me wasn't easy and they worked hard for it I know the value of things since 

I was a kid I thank my family for raising me like that and I can say that I am an ambitious person that always want the best for me and my family I am ambitious about always being able to improve in life My ambition involves a better education job and lifestyle My role model is my grandfather which came from a poor family and without a college education but always with a big ambition and a goal in his mind was able to start his own business He worked hard without complaining but instead he worked hard grateful for being able to make changes He was smart enough to expand his business and was able to maintain a family with a better future I do agree with the author about his conclusions of how some groups are more ambitious than others He compares India and other countries to the United States and I think they are great countries to be compared since we need to stop thinking in the U S that we are better than everyone and we deserve everything We need to get out of our comfort zone and realize everything it is not about us

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