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An Environmental look on Gun Control Over the years more and more research has been done on products containing lead Because of this most things containing lead have been banned from the people s use For example lead based paint is now banned because the fumes and paint chips had been causing damage to children s nervous systems kidneys stunt their development and growth and reproductive problems in adults However the one product that they forgot to test was the effects of lead ammunition on the environment The United states should create stricter laws on gun control because lead based ammunition is harmful to wherever the bullet lands lead bullets poison anything nearby and lead bullets kill twice Lead bullets are harmful to to the ground and surroundings of where they land after they have been shot Lead bullets are harmful to the ground and surrounding of where they land after being shot Just like how lead was taken out of paint and other things because it was toxic for humans to intake well the same goes for lead bullets landing on the ground When a lead bullet is shot it splits into a million fragments that land all over the ground

When the ground soaks it up it starts affecting the quality of the soil which is crucial to a plant s needs According to Jon M Arnemo a professor for the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management at Inland Norway University For decades poisoning from spent lead ammunition was mainly regarded as a disease of waterfowl but it also puts at risk the health of raptors scavengers and other terrestrial species including humans who frequently consume hunted game Arnemo This is because not only does the lead directly affect the things around it but it is also affecting the things that eat the affected thing For example when if a deer had been exposed to the poison of lead bullets while or before it was shot and then the hunter was to eat it the deer now the hunter is at risk to get lead poisoning because the deer had it too According to David C Bellinger from the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health Therefore lead based ammunition is likely the greatest largely unregulated source of lead that is knowingly discharged into the environment in the United States In contrast the release or distribution of other major sources of environmental lead contamination Bellinger For many years scientist have been testing ways that lead has been affecting the environment however they have always skipped over thinking about lead bullets because they do not think that something so small could do some much damage When a bullet that had lead in it is shot it shatters into millions of pieces 

The only place for those pieces to go is into the ground When the bullet pieces soak into the ground then it can affect the water and soil that is underground If a plant soaks up that water then it can cause the pant to get affected If an animal where to eat that plant it could also affect the animal and may even kill anything around that the little piece of lead could have landed According to Cao Xinde of the Soil and Water Science Dep Univ of Florida Gainesville FL When lead pellets come into contact with soil are subject to oxidation carbonation and hydration reactions and ultimately could be transformed into disanalyzed and particulate species and enter the environment Xinde In an article by Craig Rimstidt with his master s in geosciences from Virginia Tech he states that If and when those trees are harvested they would be contaminated with lead Rimstidt Lead bullets can be considered to kill twice when hunting because when an animal is shot in the woods by a bullets containing lead it also can poison the ground around it or the human that may consumes the animal In a case study by Lynne Peeples a writer for the undark she states that

While the first bullet made entirely of copper retained 99 percent of its original weight the second bullet comprised of lead broke into pieces losing a quarter of its weight when it hit the jugs Peeples When they went to see how much of the lead bullet they could actually find they were only able to find 70 of the bullet So where did the rest of the bullet go Not only do can the bullets sock into the ground and effect the ground they can also enter the air and cause pollution But Samuel Blackstone wrote a report on a study done by the Environmental Working Group EWG that showed that there are about 1 813 firing ranges in America Using a modest average of 15 customers shooting 50 rounds a day the EWG calculates nine million pounds of lead are released into the environment every year Blackstone Which in the long run could be very dangerous for our health and the health of those around us By creating stricter laws on gun control the government will be able to limit the amount of lead in the soil and water limit the amount of lead poisoning and also limit the amount of pollution in the air that is caused by lead based bullets

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