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An examination of the activities that Julius Rosenberg acted in participated in during the years 1943 to 1950 show that he was responsible for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets This happened while Julius Rosenberg was living in New York City with his wife Ethel while raising a family During World War II Julius Rosenberg began to work as an agent for the Soviet Union and partnered with his brother in law David Greenglass to help him gather information for the Soviets Greenglass worked as a machinist at the United States lab that first developed the atomic bomb located in Los Alamos New Mexico The development of the atomic bomb was called the Manhattan Project When the Federal Bureau of Investigation questioned Greenglass he was the first one to confess the involvement of Julius Rosenberg He came up to my apartment He asked what I had for him and I told him I had a good description of the atomic bomb He asked me to write it up for him and gave me 200 4 The National Security Agency operation launched in 1943 was a group of cryptologists linguists and mathematicians who uncovered KGB Soviet Union espionage activities through a code breaking program called Venoma This agency cracked the Soviet diplomatic codes The KGB were sending messages from New York Washington and San Francisco through fax The volume of information being sent by the KGB was so great that allowed it the agency to crack through their codes Julius Rosenberg was part of the spy ring and was involved with the KGB organization Julius Rosenberg was given secret code names with one being Liberal The KGB paid bonuses of 500 to all members of the Rosenberg spy ring in 1944 

It purchased a special camera for Julius Rosenberg to photograph secret documents and was worried about his health that we are afraid of putting Liberal out of action with overwork 5 Besides being involved in spying activities Julius Rosenberg spent a lot of time trying to get information on the Atomic bomb Rosenberg would photograph secret documents and was quite vocal on admitting this fact Besides his contacts in New York Rosenberg had contacts in Rochester Buffalo Ithaca Syracuse Schenectady and Cleveland From these sources Greenglass said Julius said he had obtained crucial information about guided missiles a sky platform then on the drawing boards an atomic powered aircraft and the Aswan Dam project in Egypt 6 There is evidence that Julius Rosenberg did commit illegal activities when he engaged with the Soviets in gathering confidential information regarding the atomic bomb and then choosing to share this with the Soviet Union Julius Rosenberg partook in espionage activities against the United States and provided military technology information to the Soviet Union during World War II The type of military technology provided to the Soviets was warship guns that would be able to destroy any aircraft or shoot any ships in the sea Julius Rosenberg identified in the documents by the code names Antenna and Liberal helped the KGB recruit electrical engineer Alfred Sarant who later escaped to Russia Rosenberg also sought information from school friend Max Elitcher a government official developing warship guns 7 Julius Rosenberg continued to work with David Greenglass and continued to make it a mission to get information to the Soviets Rosenberg was able to get information on a proximity fuse which is information on how to make a weapon This information was given to Alexander Feklisov in late 1944 a Soviet handler 

The proximity fuse was used in a weapon that shot down a U 2 spy plane in 1960 Francis Gary Powers the plane s pilot was captured by the Soviets 8 Julius Rosenberg continued to be an advocate in his efforts to get any of the secrets from the United States that he could so he could forward them to the Soviets Julius Rosenberg told the KGB that Republic Aviation Corporation had begun building robot launchers and was producing 600 P 47 aircraft per month 9 Julius Rosenberg s belief in communism and the Soviet Union were the motives for his actions His decision to provide information was his focus while spying on the United States Ethel Rosenberg did conspire to espionage however she played a different role from her husband s activities Her role was to type all the information that David Greenglass provided to Julius She would type all the notes on the Atomic bomb Rosenberg remarked that the information was very good and it should be typed immediately Ethel then prepared the information on a portable typewriter in the Rosenberg apartment 10 During one of the meetings with David Greenglass and Julius Rosenberg a sketch of the bomb was given to Julius This happened in the Rosenberg apartment Greenglass told Julius the bomb would be set off by a barometric pressure device Julius was so impressed with this information that he immediately had Ethel prepare the information on her portable typewriter While Ethel was typing the report Julius burned the handwritten notes in a frying pan flushed them down a drain 11 Ethel Rosenberg was part of the spy ring with her husband Julius Rosenberg and many meetings were held in front of her in the Rosenberg apartment Mrs Rosenberg was clearly aware of what was transpiring She did play a role in espionage activities During the trail the chief prosecutor Irving H Saypol stated just so had she on countless other occasions sat at that typewriter and struck the keys blow by blow against her own country in the interests of the Soviets 12 Ethel Rosenberg clearly shared Julius Rosenberg s ideals and was aware that Julius was working for Soviet intelligence Her part in typing up the information on the Atomic bomb played a very big role

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