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Android based course guidance and tips for an out coming higher secondary students UG Student Department of IT Adhiyamaan College of Engineering Tamilnadu India4 Abstract An education system in India has become so advanced in the last decade due to development of technology The students choosing their higher studies course is going to be a big challenge nowadays This application helps the students with a guidance and tips to move forward clearly with their vision and accomplish their goals The core idea of research project is to implement Android based application which gives course guidance and an ideal tips for the students who had completed their higher secondary and willing to step for higher studies The proposed project will be implemented for different fields of educational courses and gives its guidance vast number of courses in engineering medical arts and science law management are included using Android applications It also helps to cover the courses of another non familiar fields like railway courses marine defence and its training institutes

This application provides details about competitive examination and other entrance exams like JEE NEET along with its syllabus pattern etc and displays its required eligibility criteria for the people who appear for that exam This system is useful for the students to clear with their courses and other details Keywords Android various streams competitive exams smartphone etc I INTRODUCTION Nowadays mobile devices have become a way of life for students especially in higher education Computers are now replaced by compact smartphones that can be fit into pocket and can be carried anywhere The rapid progress in mobile technology has created a new area by various applications Several professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered by noted institutes as well as various private institutes The different streams of education in which the colleges or institutes offers those courses With development of this Android application the student preferred to use mobile devices as technology supported educational tool This system is designed for the students of higher secondary After the completion of higher secondary choosing a stream for further study is a complicated challenge for the students Plenty of options can often leave students confused and discouraged Some will choose the course blindly under the influence of friends or parents Giving priority to their potential and interest it should be the sole criteria for selecting a career This system helps for the students to overcome from their confused state and make them to clear with the course The application which gives the complete view about various streams of education like engineering medical arts and science law management along with different colleges unfamiliar fields of courses competitive exams common entrance exam pattern etc which are united to different modules in single application

This system enables the student to aware about the course and reduces the complexity of searching the courses in various websites Smartphones are based on operating systems like blackberry I OS and Android To design proposed project smart phones with Android operating system are chosen because penetration rate of Android OS is 70 percent It is open source and freeware The application is compatible with all Android versions ranging from Gingerbread2 3 to Lollipop 5 0 1 so that students who cannot afford to buy high end mobiles and institutes located in remote rural area can also take the advantage of this application II VARIOUS COURSE GUIDANCE WAYS Following are the ways to get a guidance about the courses 1 via websites It is the complex way for the students to search for each and every courses by using different links It is inefficient because the complexity is high during surfing and some information may be different from other 2 TNEA manual procedure Candidates who are participating in Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions TNEA for B E B TECH admissions may download information booklet as shared by Anna University The courses indicated in this booklet are based on the supporting documents such as AICTE approval and university affiliation 

This contains a paperback and the process to go through is a difficult task for the students It consumes more time and details in this brochure contains less 3 Educational exhibition It facilitates thousands of students to make the right choice towards higher education that is educational exhibition It is organized by the sponsorship of various colleges along with the media support More than 100 stalls of various education institutions are on display in the exhibition Further many expertise in the field of education are sharing their views to students showing the right path towards higher education The education expertise provide all information including the course to opt after higher secondary approximate cost incurred towards the studies the job opportunities available after completion of the studies and many more It has a one to one interaction The benefits from this kind of exhibition cannot be avail to all Students from remote places cannot be able to visit the educational exhibition It is not sure that the lectures given by the experts can be reach to all All the above systems are time consuming and inefficient In the proposed project Android based course guidance designed

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