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According to Matthew 2011 stated that Android is an operating system for Smartphone and tablet It is maintaining by Google and arrives with a couple of versions For composing Smartphone run a variation of version 2 of Android while most new tablets run a variation of version 3 In 2005 Google was purchased Android OS Google collaborated with different organizations to structure the Open Handset Organization OHA together which already ended up to be proceeded with improvement of the Android operating system Most of the Android operating system is intended for Smartphone Its numerous functionality includes an integrated browser based on the open source Webkit engine enhanced 2d and 3d graphics multimedia and GSM network Bluetooth EDGE 3g Wifi Sqlite Cam GPS furthermore Compass The contrast between the version 2 and version 3 adaptations of Android is basically by the way they can utilize the screen space provided Since Android version 3 is intended to be use on tablets its applications need to adjust in order to have the capacity to fit more data on the screen at one time It additionally puts all buttons for navigate in the interface while Android version 2 gadgets have a tendency to incorporate some physical buttons generally Home Back Menu and Inquiry keys The Android standard layout has a Home screen that contains alternate ways to cast applications or contain small program widgets that serve as a single function for example controlling music or showing 

Facebook updates Android has the functions which indispensable to utilizing a Smartphone such as the phone dialer text messaging user and list of contact number Google likewise provides some extra applications including a Gmail email user Google Maps and Youtube Past that user can likewise purchase or download free of charge numerous different applications to empower Smartphone or tablet to accomplish more These applications includes approaches to utilize Facebook make documents and get into use online storage services for example Drop box or there are a lot of games that can play For some social networks are incorporated into certain Android gadgets by default empowering user to associate others contact data by utilizing phone to their Facebook account for instance consequently pull through points of interest for example their birthday Android is open source implying that developers are allowed to alter it as it free Cory n d The Android operating system OS is based on the open Linux kernel Android is not like iPhone because it open source significance developers may change and customize the operating system at every gadgets In this way distinctive Android gadgets can be seen in the market where different Android gadgets have different graphical user interfaces however they utilize the same operating system Android based Smartphone regularly come with built in applications and additionally support third party programs Developers can utilize the free Android SDK Software Developer Kit to develop Android application Android projects are composed and coded in Java programming language and it will run on Goole s Davlik virtual machine Users can download Android applications from the Google Play Store Anyone is freely to download an Android software development kit and start to develop Android application Android has launched 11 different versions of Android OS 2 3 1 Android Architecture

We studied the Android system architecture Android system is a Linux based system which uses architectural design stack designs As shown in Figure 1 2 the Android architecture consists of four layers Linux kernel Libraries and Android runtime Application framework and Applications Each encapsulation layer is lower while providing an upward call interface Figure 1 2 Android Architecture 2 3 2 Applications Android app will be shipped with a set of core applications including client SMS program calendar maps browser contacts and others All these application programs are developed inJava 2 3 3 Application Framework The developer is allowed to access all the API framework of the core programs The application framework simplifies the reuse of its components Any other app can release its functional components and all other apps can access and use this component but have to follow the security of the framework Just as users can replace program components with this reuse mechanism 2 3 4 Libraries and Android Runtime

The library is divided in to two components Android Runtime and Android Library Android Runtime is consisted of a Java Core Library and Dalvik virtual machine The Core Library provides Java core library with most functions Dalvik virtual machine is register virtual machine and makes some specific improvements for mobile device Android system library is support the application framework it is also an important link connecting between application framework and Linux Kernel This system library is developed in C or C language This libraries can also be used by various components in the Android system They provide services to developers through the application framework 2 3 5 Linux Kernel The kernel system service provided by Android inner nuclear layer is based on Linux 2 6 kernel Operations like internal storage process management internet protocol bottom drive and other core service are all based on Linux kernel

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