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Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to create a 1000 word essay aimed at animal care professionals who are unsure what hydrotherapy is and how the process works The following must be included What hydrotherapy entails 5 examples of different hydrotherapy equipment and the use of each one 6 common conditions hydrotherapy is used for how a patient would get referred for hydrotherapy professional duties of a hydrotherapist and Health and Safety responsibilities of a hydrotherapist Main Topic Hydrotherapy at a Glance Hydrotherapy is seen as a complementary therapy including physiotherapy and electrotherapy Wong E 2009 pp5 6 Hydrotherapy is the use of water to maintain and restore a dog's health Wong 2011 also highlights that hydrotherapy enables dogs to use a greater range of motion while carrying out weightless exercise Other beneficial factors are weight and pain management rehabilitation of injuries and surgical treatment 

The Canine Hydrotherapy Association CHA is a regulatory body that represents hydrotherapy centres and sets out standards and code of practice Wong E 2011 p24 Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 Come back to above Hydrotherapy Equipment The following highlights equipment that a hydrotherapist can use A tape measure for measuring leg muscles and to be recorded every five sessions by the same person for accuracy and validity A Stethoscope to monitor a dog's heart rate before and after a session A life jacket to help with a dog's confidence in the water and to increase buoyancy Moon collars that inflate for dogs that have low head carriage however this is not suitable for dogs that have a neck injury and Water testing equipment such as specially prepared strips and a colour reading chart Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 It should be noted that there are a considerable amount of equipment that a hydrotherapist can use e g hoist with a harness hydrotherapy treadmill pool spa showering drying Thera bands aqua noodles first aid photometer etc are to name a few Conditions Hydrotherapy is used for Musculoskeletal Hip dysplasia is the abnormal development of the hip joint and can be caused by genetics or environmental factors Elbow Dysplasia occurs from genetic inheritance and affects the elbow and can have several diseases

The patella dislocation is a condition that the patella sits outside the femoral groove when a dog's knee is extended This starts to damage cartilage and leads to osteoarthritis Wong 2011 pp56 88 Soft Tissue This includes muscles ligaments and tendons throughout a dog's body Injuries can consist of sprain strain one off blow or overuse Pain or bruising is the result Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 CDRM Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy This is the waste of muscles on a dog's hind limbs and can be painful if the dog has arthritis Hydrotherapy helps with muscle bulk and fitness which helps support the movement of all four limbs Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 Osteoarthritis Wong 2011 p 41 states that Osteoarthritis is the most frequent arthritis in dogs It is a condition of progressive loss of articular cartilage around the joint which causes inflammation Cruciate Ligament A ruptured cruciate ligament is common with dogs which requires surgery After this the dog must rest in a crate for 6 8 weeks This can be frustrating and stressful for a dog If the cruciate ligament has torn and it has not fully ruptured then Hydrotherapy can help without surgery and provide non weight exercise and mental stimulation Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 Spinal Injuries Hydrotherapy can help with mobility without putting pressure on the spine and joints Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 All movement must be slow gentle and steady for dogs A dog could suffer from Invertebral Disc Disease slipped disc Degenerative Myelopathy functional disturbance Fibrocartilaginous Embolism blockage of fibrous tissue and Cervical Instability Wong E 2011 pp98 100 A precaution take extra care for dogs doing hydrotherapy treatment are medical conditions a bitch in season medication etc 

A contraindication a dog that is not suitable for hydrotherapy would consist of vomiting diarrhoea open wounds water phobia etc Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 Referral Process Before a dog can do hydrotherapy a referral must be sent from the dogs own veterinary practice This is to indicate if the dog is suitable for treatment The veterinary surgeon should also send copies of the patient's clinical history This is a legal and ethical requirement Course Notes Unit 1 T 504 1180 There are also two laws to take into consideration The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 regulates the treatment of animals Only veterinary surgeons can legally diagnose prescribe advise on the basis of a diagnosis and perform surgery on animals Therefore it is illegal to carry out hydrotherapy on an animal without written consent from a veterinary surgeon Alternative Vet 2017 The animal Welfare Act 2006 has five freedoms that ensure an animal's health and wellbeing such as freedom from hunger and thirst freedom from discomfort by providing shelter freedom from pain freedom to express normal behaviour and freedom of fear and distress Wong E 2011 p14

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