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Animal Testing Imagine being trapped in a cage for weeks years or even your entire life You can barely move You have no control or say to what happens in your life You can't choose when you eat what you wear what you drink or where you go A life like that sounds tortuous no one wants to live like that These are the conditions animals have to live in and on top of all that their bodies are being used to experiment If you don't want to live like that do you think that we should force animals to live that way Animal Testing is the use of animals in experiments to study behavioral and biological variables Some believe that animal testing goes way back to the ancient Greeks in the third century It has been used all these years to study how living bodies work how to treat diseases and even to test beauty household items The Animal Welfare Act has been passed in 1996 which was intended to moderate the use and care of animals in laboratories However many animals are not protected by this act These testing methods have had both positive and negative outbreaks therefore it has become a very controversial topic which has been argued over for many years

However animal testing is inhumane inaccurate and there are alternate solutions Some scientists say animal testing has been very useful in the last century contributing to many medical breakthroughs such as the polio vaccine penicillin tuberculosis the making of insulin and many other medical treatments Animal testing has also helped scientists better understand how to treat breast cancer leukemia malaria and many others Scientists also claim how there are no other ways to experiment They claim there is nothing to replace a living body with all the organs and systems within the body Supporters of animal testing claim that animals are the perfect subjects since they share up to 99 of DNA with humans The scientists justify their testing methods by saying how the laws protect the animals from being harmed Many cosmetic companies put animals through unnessaccary testing to ensure their products are safe for customers Animal tests may have contributed to medical breakthroughs and have helped with ensuring cosmetics but animal testing is still cruel to animals Animals are still being abused animals have feelings 

They can suffer just like humans Animals may share a large percentage of DNA with humans and animals are vastly different therefore many of the results for animals are not the same for humans There are many new ways for scientists to test rather than using animals Animal testing is inhumane Animals may not have the same rights as people but that does not mean they deserve to suffer The Animal Welfare Act AWA has been put in place to help protect the animals however 95 of animals are not guaranteed safety under this Act Even animals that are protected by the AWA are being mistreated and killed The Humane Society has claimed that the testing for a pesticide has over 50 tests and may requires the use of 12 000 animals Animals are still being locked in small cages starved burned shocked blinded addicted to drugs and many more brutal procedures According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA around 100 million animals are killed each year These 100 million animals are killed in laboratories biology lessons medical training or experimentation for cosmetics The many animals used in laboratories are put in very bad living conditions and are sometimes immobilized This is not only unhealthy physically for the animal but also mentally harmful This environment brings a great amount of stress for them Living in cages not able to move is not natural and they are not used to the atmosphere The stress builds up and the animals begin to go crazy 

There are reports of animals spinning in their cages rocking back and forth Animals have even been known to harm themselves such as biting themselves or pulling out their own fur Animals commonly used in testing are guinea pigs mice rats rabbits and even sometimes dogs or monkeys The animals are not treated properly and endure a painful life An example of this took place at the University of California when Guinea pigs were not properly euthanized they began to experience extreme amounts of pain they were becoming unable to move and couldn't eat or drink Humane Society Another instance occurred at Virginia Commonwealth University where a worker forgot to take a rabbit out of its cage before putting it through the washer which reaches up to 180 degrees It's hard to imagine the pain the rabbit had went through before dying because of the negligence of the workers

These examples are just some of many unethical lives the animals are forced to live Besides the fact of the cruel conditions of the laboratories the tests are not even accurate Animals may share a large percentage of DNA with humans but animals and humans are vastly different Paul Furlong Professor of Clinical Neuroimaging at Aston University states that it's very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we re trying to achieve in the human Procon Human and Animal anatomy organ function metabolism and many more body structural and functional differences that cause us to be so different As a result about 92 of drugs approved for use of humans fail according to the FDA Additionally more than 50 of the products or drugs have been revoked and relabeled because the effects of the drugs were much different than expected Neavs

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