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Another wider issue that the War on Drugs have failed to understand and solve is the unemployment in America which is linked with incarceration and illicit drugs Western and Bennett 1999 found that incarceration has large negative effects on ex offenders which will usually falloff after 3 4 years on release Consequently the increase of imprisonment for drug offences means that these people will be released and will inevitably be in the same situation in obtaining a drug addiction and go back to prison This is supported by Spohn and Holleran 2002 who researched the recidivism rates in the US and found that drug offenders were three times greater to reoffend than a non drug offence This proves that the deterrence factor that the War on Drugs is not working and if anything the incarceration is making matters worse The Government clearly need to fight poverty which will eventually help reduce the amount of illicit drug use in the poorer areas This can be related to the subcultural theory because many lower class people feel they have limited opportunities and get frustrated which contributes to their offending Cohen 1955 An Alternative failure is the corruption that not only involves the US police but also countries around

America like Mexico or Columbia Hodess et al 2001 states that Mexico s police and armed services are known to be contaminated by multi million dollar bribes from the transnational narco trafficking business This has clearly been a huge issue within America but the government has not responded to it However President Donald Trump has stated that the illegal immigrants Are sending people that have lots of problems and they re bringing those problems with us They re bringing drugs Graham and Midgley 2017 online He is attempting to deal with the drug trafficking issue but has had several critiques of him being racist Unfortunately Trump has dealt with the situation the wrong way and him and the rest of the governments have failed to prevent the corruption and drug trafficking into the US The last and most clear failure is the economic cost that the US has spent during the War on Drugs In the past 4 decades since the War on Drugs was declared the government has spent 1 trillion dollars attempting to tackle the issue and 37 million non violent offenders were arrested Flax 2010 Since then the problem still exists and becoming even greater than before

The law enforcement has helped reduce the quantity of illicit drugs but the traffickers have been allowed to multiply due to corruption and in effect negating any decrease in quantity Polomarkakis 2017 However marijuana is becoming legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational use America could save up to 8 7 billion dollars on tax revenues if they legalised marijuana Miron and Waldock 2010 This would reduce the drug trafficking from other countries and the price of marijuana whilst gaining money to spend on the state This could be an alternative legislative use of marijuana but nevertheless since they declared the War on Drugs they have failed to reduce the importation manufacturing cultivation distribution and sale of illicit drugs They have spent far too much for the drugs problem not to decline The War on Drugs is failing to produce results and there needs to be a different approach to drug legislation The first main issue that needs to be changed is the incarceration rates 

There needs to be more focus on rehabilitating drug addiction than sending them to prison to just come back out to offend again Less incarceration will reduce the amount of unemployment and furthermore reduce the drug offences Spohn and Holleran 2002 Therefore the legislation needs to input the different levels of severity of illicit drug use For instance if someone was to hold 500 grams of cocaine they should be jailed but if someone was to be holding 5 grams then they should be sentenced to a fine or community service After their punishment there needs to be a system to find whether they are addicted then if so these individuals should go into a rehabilitative program This will not only reduce the economic costs of incarceration it will allow the government to use that spare money to rehabilitate addiction and repair the relationship between the law enforcement and ethnic minorities An alternative drug legislation is legalising marijuana Barack Obama got rid of the term War on Drugs In 2016 Obama said he would like to treat marijuana as a public health issue the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol Lopez 2017 online Evidence illustrates that the US may be slowly decriminalising the use of marijuana Colorado and Washington have legalised marijuana but since this is recent there is no evidence that demonstrate the successes in the US However Netherlands legalised marijuana in 1976 for recreational use Since the decriminalisation of marijuana in the Netherlands the use has steadily declined Spichtinger 2004 This may be because people now find it boring This is the future of the world as many countries believe that this drug is of a lesser dangerous substance so therefore should be legalised the same way as with tobacco and alcohol

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