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Appetizer Scientists perform field research for a multitude of reasons that can really benefit their studies and developments in the their field of concentration For one it yields very accurate and detailed data while it has the ability to emphasize the role and relevance of social context Field research is an excellent method for understanding the role of social context in shaping people's lives and experiences while creating a greater understanding of developmental factors It also enables the understanding of the complexities of daily life while it occurs Field research may also uncover elements of people's experiences or of group interactions of which we were not previously aware This in particular is a unique strength of field research Additionally knowing the number of species in an ecosystem can help identify the variety of factors they all have on each other An ecosystem with only 4 different species would operate much differently than an environment with around 50 In everyday life it is hard to establish and comprehend the ways in which species have an impact on each other good or bad In turn that is where field research excels 

Deforestation a very large ecological and environmental problem in the last few years is something that scientists and conservationists alike can agree field research and collecting data can benefit In the collection of data around the deforestation problem it helps conservationists create solutions by providing them with statistics and evidence of how it can hurt the corporations and businesses that are part of the problem With agreed upon contracts between the two parties sourcing from the data collection about deforestation it has helped conservationists limit the need for additional funding while also being the foundation for a solution With this only being one example just explains the depth research can provide for the variety of ecological problems facing conservationists When developing and designing field investigations there is definitely some things scientists must consider that can hinder the performance and results of the study The challenges may include limited funding and a poor methodological approach In terms of funding a study without a willing and supportive backing it makes all things near impossible to complete with the lack of money to put into the project Likewise a poor methodological approach can create an opaque representation of the studies direction and plan With field investigations especially ones that are being provided money need to have a clear and transparent goal in mind

These two challenges present difficulty in the work of scientists causing them to come up with very strict guidelines and measures to focus on when developing a field study Similarly while actually performing a field investigation an overabundance of factors that play into the investigative area can make data collection near impossible and one of the biggest problem in any study would be human bias and error Side Dishes Urbanization Urbanization in terms of urban ecosystems is the process of making areas more urban It is a gradual effort of altering rural areas into more urban places Urbanization can also occur when people themselves move from rural and suburban areas to urban cities Trophic Cascade Trophic cascades occur when predators in a food web lessen the abundance or alter the behavior of their prey thereby releasing the next lower trophic level from predation For example In the coastal prairie of Northern California yellow bush lupines are fed upon by a particularly destructive herbivore the root boring caterpillar of the ghost moth Entomopathogenic nematodes kill the caterpillars and can increase the survival and seed production of lupines Entree An example of a human activity that is detrimental to biodiversity would be deforestation Deforestation is the the conversion of forest to another land use or the long term reduction of the tree canopy cover This includes conversion of natural forest to tree plantations agriculture pasture water reservoirs and urban areas but excludes timber production areas managed to ensure the forest regenerates after logging Deforestation leads to forest degradation which happens when changes within the forest negatively affect the structure or function of the stand or site and thereby lower the capacity to supply products and or ecosystem services 

Forest degradation creates less resilient and less productive forests and in some countries it can be nearly as harmful as deforestation carving death by a thousand cuts that eventually leads to deforestation Both lead to the underlying problem that affects the world and humans as a whole biodiversity reduction Deforestation and forest degradation can cause wildlife to decline When forest cover is removed wildlife is deprived of habitat and becomes more vulnerable to hunting Considering that about 80 of the world s documented species can be found in tropical rainforests deforestation poses a serious threat to the Earth's biodiversity All in all deforestation can pose a very horrible reality to the planet and the existence of biodiversity as a whole A very easy experiment or investigation that could provide a statistical and sufficient source of evidence to the negative effects of deforestation would be a year long study and data collection of greenhouse gas emissions in areas that have been recently deforested As forests are the largest terrestrial store of carbon deforestation is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions after fossil fuel burning causing a large percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions

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