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UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON COMPUTER SCIENCE FALL 2018 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I would like to introduce myself as an engineering undergraduate from Hyderabad India I was very glad when I had an opportunity to apply for MS in Computer Sciences program at UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON for Fall 2018 I being a student of Mechanical Engineering would like to pursue Masters in Computer Sciences as I always believe knowledge in various fields would help an individual to prosper in this proliferating world of advance technology These emerging technological advancements leads to make life easier and to increase human comforts in both home and at work It would be my immense pleasure to be an integral part of this betterment To achieve this research would be of primary importance with hands on experience in real time Artificial Intelligence AI and Intelligence Database System are my areas of interest and research My objective is to work at the forefront of the technology to find innovative solutions to the altering needs Starting off with the academics I have done my schooling in Rainbow Concept School which helped me in laying strong foundation in various subjects of my curriculum During 7th standard I was introduced to the computers where I gained profound knowledge in basic computer operations and programming languages I have always been enthralled towards Mathematics and Science which made me consider them as my favourite subjects My interest towards Mathematics led me to learn abacus and advance mathematics during my school time Having a great interest in Science led me to visit many 

Techno Fests Science Expo's and Science museums where I have gone through various technological innovations In addition to my education I had equal interest in sports and cultural activities I have secured 9 3 GPA in my 10th standard though I scored 9 0 GPA in Mathematics and 10 G P A in Science After my schooling with my keen interest towards Mathematics and Science I took MPC Mathematics Physics and Chemistry in my Intermediate at Bhavitha Junior College Mahbubnagar India I passed out of my Intermediate with a overall percentage of 72 7 It is my competitive nature which drove me to acquire academic successes Although my love towards science and technology inspired me to choose engineering which I would contemplate as a natural consequence To study the programme I had to overcome a hurdle called EAMCET which is a common entrance examination which I had to take alongside thousands of students among whom I scored a decent rank I took up Mechanical Engineering in Malla Reddy Engineering College Autonomous affiliated to the prestigious JNTU Hyderabad I have maintained an excellent academic record throughout my undergraduate programme During my I semester of Engineering I have been introduced to the Computer Programming and Computer Programming Laboratory I understood the key features of the language and learned to code programs using C Language

That is when I realized I had a natural inclination towards computers and encouraged me to take Computer Science in MS During my coursework I was amazed when potential of computers were widely employed in mechanical field when I was exposed to subjects such as CAD Computer Aided Design CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing CREO and ANSYS which are used to design simulate and analyse the model of a desired product I have also learnt about CNC technology where manufacturing is automated by using G codes and M codes Computers are used to execute these and form a network group to link with other CNC machines This motivated to make use of CAD and CAM along with CNC technology in my final project By the time my project got completed successfully I understood the use and implementation of computers in industries In my 4th year I believed that in order to be acquainted with the current industrial standard and to expand my knowledge base I needed to have good knowledge in the field of computer science I am evident that University of Dayton is a right choice for me which provides a good combination of academic advantages It is one of the versatile universities which provides a great individual attention and overall development of a student I believe that the university also provides substantial academic resources and superior education in the field of Computer Science Department of Computer

Science provides a great extent of research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data mining like James Buckley and Lee Winslow I would be delighted if I had a chance to pursue my master s under the guidance of Mr James Buckley where my academic interests suit with his field of research Summarizing all written above I believe that my intention for study academics undergraduate experiences and projects will be beneficial for my graduate study and research Attending your esteemed university would give me an opportunity to gain high level education in the field of Computer Science under the guidance of eminent professors and teachers I would consider my admission at University of Dayton not only as a great honour but also a challenge to prove myself I hereby take an opportunity to thank you for considering me and spending your valuable time in reviewing my application High Regards Gubba Kumar Manish

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