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Architects were able to make a valiant design like Heydar Aliyev a reality because designers of twenty first century have a formidable ally in their creative process This technological device was by far the most revolutionary invention of the twentieth century Computers and computer aided design CAD was a huge game changer for architects when it came out in 1960s and is now considered indispensable in building design and construction Initially helping the architects in saving time with their drawings computer software has evolved to the point of Parametric modeling which allows the designer to work with certain features of a building without having to recalculate all the other features that are affected by the changes they make This makes them extremely powerful design tools Now we can make the most complex of the design forms in which all the logistical calculations like loads on building effect of solar radiation cost estimations and factors of error can be calculated pre construction The Gherkin Tower in London is a good case in point as parametric modeling played the key role in its design There are three main features that make it stand out from most other skyscrapers it's round rather than square it bulges in the middle and tapers to a thin end towards the top and it are based on a spiraling design All these could easily be taken as purely aesthetic features yet they all cater to specific constraints A major problem with buildings of the Gherkin s size is that air currents sweeping around them create whirlwinds at their base making their immediate vicinity an uncomfortable place to be To address this problem the design firm SMG advised the architects to use computer models which based on the mathematics of turbulence simulate a building s aerodynamic properties 

The model showed that a cylindrical shape responds better to air currents than a square one and reduces whirlwinds The fact that the tower bulges out in the middle reaching its maximal diameter at the 16th floor also helps to minimize winds at its slimmer base As humans are bounded by an unwritten code that modifies itself circumstantially from time to time in order so they are able to survive and inhabit as a society buildings today are doing the same If we look at the older structures around us we can see that they are designed and created around certain threads of natural and materialistic forces governing that area Buildings are carved out of the locally available material and are shaped and designed to be climate responsive to that area These buildings worked brilliantly in the past as they do today But in the past after a certain point there was little room for innovation because we were limited by our time and technology but that is not the case today What we need to understand is that in this age of globalization we are in a point of history where evolution is picking up speed and revolutionary discoveries are made every month or week or day And all of this is giving birth to impossible ideas and impossible buildings no matter the constraint of a region

One such excellent example in the heart of so many possibilities is Dubai the impossible city Burj Dubai if not one of the first but is one of the most famous building of neo futuristic architecture It is famous for being the tallest building in the world with eight hundred and thirty meters to its frame but its design also has many more astounding features to offer Accessing this building from bottom to top we can see ingenious works of engineering collaborating with efficient design The structure is made with thirty thousand tons of steel and concrete and is then enwrapped with glass curtain walls To make such heavy structure stand on soil with so less bearing capacity workers had to dig fifty meters in depth to make pile foundations After continual tests and assessments curtain walls were created which had reflective glass on outside with thin layer or metal and the inner glass had a coating of silver to keep the infrared rays out Hence a balance of centralized air conditioning and curtain walls keep the building cool from the scorching sun of the Middle East A building of such grand scale is to be also protected from the wind forces and hence Burj Khalifa was designed with very advanced aerodynamics By creating a layer of extra steel framework on the outside of the structure the building becomes dead locked against the wind and does not sway

Also the towers at different heights curves in such a way that they cut the windward direction and do not let it affect the building From all the astonishing features we can marvel at the most important one is its ability to protect its occupants against disasters like fire and terrorism by having refuge rooms which are constructed with fire resistant material After dealing with the environmental challenges of the design the builders had to deal with constructing such an immense structure in a given frame of time The key to build such a skyscraper or any skyscraper is using prefabricated building elements and assembling them on site with the help of high class cranes So evolution and revolution are not mutually exclusive they never were Evolution lies in the structure of a high rise buildings made with stone beams and columns Revolution lies in the invention of a simple elevator which transformed high rise buildings into sky scrapers By observing ancient monuments we can take pride in the fact that we have had a glorious past And by gazing at neo futuristic marvels we can hope for a better future Such has been the journey of architecture

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