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Are Meats Containing Hormones Safe to Consume Hormones in animals has been a debatable topic since people decide to care about what goes into their body Hormones are chemical messengers that are created in the endocrine glands They control major bodily functions Some types of hormones are progesterone estrogen cortisol melatonin and testosterone What Are Hormones All cells are exposed to hormones but only a hormone's target cells which have receptors for that hormone will respond to its signal PBS There are three natural hormones and three man made hormones allowed in meat estradiol testosterone progesterone zeranol trenbolone acetate and melengestrol acetate According to Tom Super a spokesperson for the National Chicken Council farmers do not need hormones for chicken because through genetics breeding nutrition veterinary care and advancements in the housing chickens are healthier and bigger than ever before Calderone Meats that contain hormones include beef pork and poultry Almost all beef cattle entering feedlots in the United States are given hormone implants to promote faster growth Because animals naturally have hormones there is no such thing as hormone free meat If one is truly concerned about the excess hormones in meat they could opt for organic meat Organic meat is from animals grown without antibiotics added growth hormones or prohibited feed ingredients such as animal byproducts urea and arsenic compounds 

The Difference According to the U S Department of Agriculture organic meat comes from animals fed t organic feed not given antibiotics or hormones and allowed to graze in open pastures similar to the animals natural living conditions The Difference The animals are given feed that is grown in soil free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers Non organic meat come from animals given antibiotics or hormones While the antibiotics or hormones don t necessarily affect the nutritional value of the meat some people prefer organic meat because antibiotics and hormones from non organic meat can enter the bodies of people who eat it Researchers like to debate that the meat from animals treated with growth hormones cannot affect your own hormonal profile Rigby Furthermore the FDA approves steroids and hormones only after information and or studies have shown that the food from the treated animals is safe for people to eat and that the drugs do not harm the treated animal or the environment Medicine Since more than 30 other countries currently use hormones in beef production one might assume that it's safe to consume Furthermore European scientific groups have decided that hormones safe for use The Environment Others like to debate that it is unknown how antibiotics promote growth in the animals but researchers believe that part of the weight gain is a consequence of the animals not needing to mount immunological assaults against minor bacterial infections throughout their lives AccessScience Due to the crowded environmental the animals are in infections can be common If the animals are unable to recover from illnesses bacteria will spread to the consumer 

Additionally growth hormones in cows or other meats may increase insulin like growth factor IGF is a hormone very similar to insulin that mimics the effect of human growth hormone in harmful ways and it is believed that one risk of higher blood levels of IGF which has been associated with an increased risk of cancer in humans Storrs Also doctors and researchers suspect that hormones in meat is contributing to the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria because the animals and those consuming the meat are constantly in contact with a large amount of antibiotics It is believed that this may have a serious effect in health It is also believed that hormones may cause earlier puberty in children because in recent times children as young as 8 start to have puberty or experience symptoms of puberty Storrs Another study published in the November 2011 issue of the journal The Science of the Total Environment found that a zeranol used in cattle may affect growth rates in girls

Do Hormones Because zeranol blocks estrogen it causes growth rate abnormalities In the study the girls with measurable levels of zeranol were shorter and showed slower rates of breast development than girls with no detectable levels of zeranol Because women naturally have a higher body fat percentage they may be at greater risk of detrimental health effects from hormones in food Do Hormones One example is breast lumps which caused by imbalanced hormone levels Therefore eating a diet high in hormone supplemented meats may cause problems The use of hormones in meat is very hard to debate because it is unclear whether the hormones are harmful or not I believe that they are not safe because the human body already produces hormone and an increase in the ones already present could have a negative effect Furthermore I believe that small children should not be exposed to hormones because it may pose a threat on their overall health Overall I don t think people should consume meat with hormones because the effects can be harmful but it's unclear of how harmful the effects may be is also important to understand that there is no such thing as hormone free beef Blair As stated above hormones are naturally occurring and if they were eliminated completely from the body the animal could not survive Blair Therefore any amount of beef or any animal product for that matter will have some level of naturally occurring hormone present Blair

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