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Are we still the America that we aspire to be Do you believe in aliens Or do you believe that the government seizes and searches all Internet and text communications that enter or leave the U S Or do you actually believe that Bush caused 9 11 A very powerful government can be able to control the mind of its citizens People are so easily influenced by things that scientifically and historically do not make any sense This is seen in Orwell s book 1984 when the Party seeks to rewrite the past to control the future O Brien s argument about believing anything the party says is rooted in the mind if your mind believes it then it is true So through enough mind control and manipulation people will believe anything that the high ranked government say There are many tools that the government can use to get to our heads In Orwell s book 1984 the government used its power of manipulation by controlling media and propaganda keeping the population in ignorance of the past trying to control the past and any files that may have information about past events even enforcing a concept called doublethink to have everyone in constant contradiction of themselves and even torture 

And as seen with what happened with Winston these methods all turned out to be very effective But these tools would probably work in our society but not necessarily Intense amounts of physical and psychological torture can dismantle anyone s perception of reality That type of intense and thorough brainwashing would be impossible to implement upon an entire society at once However it would be possible for the government to psychologically damage an individual so much that they lose their perception of reality A society without history or scientific knowledge will lead to hate that will often either lead back to things that happened centuries ago involving people that are all dead now but they only what happened because its written in history So if you manipulate history you will manipulate the feeling of the people Progressing through this can be possible but not really The progress that will happen is for the government to have complete control over the people and the people will be going backwards but lied to to make them think that its moving forward 

The lies will change people s imagination to think on their own so true progress will be impossible An example of this is according to Yale University Mr Trump spoke to Americans about how the government was the reason for their troubles about how the rising immigrant population was a threat to their job security and about the imminent and terrifying threat from terrorism He described our world as one full of corrupt institutions and threats of violence In this world Trump was the person who could eliminate the corruption the person who could protect citizens from financial insecurity and foreign enemies Trump pretends to care for the wellbeing of the American people but in reality all he cares about is the image of power that he has and will have when he finishes creating his perfect America In most of the countries eyes they disagree with his motives and his immature way of thinking but our thoughts do not have an impact on what he decides he is very closed minded and doesn t care about anyone but himself and his ego The people of the house and senate have to be on his good side to keep their jobs but do you truly believe that in their righteous minds and hearts that they agree with his persecution of certain people 

They are people that represent the law and the justice that this country was founded from Persecution groups of people for where they come from or their religion is the complete opposite of what this country is supposed to stand for But do we truly feel free Who knows if what the government is telling us is the truth They have a sneaky way of manipulating people of what is right or wrong or what has or has not happened The government does control the media and manipulates the people on things that might not even be true We put so much power and trust in the hands of the government but is that the best idea Other countries have had the same situation happen Take the country of Venezuela for example The people trusted in their president Hugo Chavez so greatly that they took all the power away from the people and lost their voice What was once a democratic and lavish country is now run down by hunger and a dictator with no care for its subjects We do not want to fall of the same mistakes that they made The people of Venezuela are dying of hunger have no medicine no water absolutely nothing If we do not stand up for our rights and make them hear our voice we will become nothing more than the government that was ruling the people of Oceania We must take Orwell's book as a warning and we must not let it pass us by like it did to the people of Venezuela

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