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Is there such thing as life on another planet That has been a question that many people wonder and are still wondering today Organizations like S E T I are searching for signals or clues that would suggest there is such thing Area 51 is a top secret military base in Nevada and there had been some suspicious activities that happened around that area which leads people to believe there are aliens there or extraterrestrial activity going on In Roswell New México a mysterious flying object crashed on someone's property and no one knew what is was and the government came and took it and didn't say what it was Area 51 is a highly classified area and it is almost impossible to sneak in or get in without being in a very special place in the government Up until August of 2013 the government wouldn't even say that Area 51 exists People believed Area 51 was a place where they tried to clone extraterrestrials fake the moon landing and reverse engineer an alien spaceship that they captured Obviously none of these things were true but no one knew what was really going on there and these were the more popular ideas Strickland Kiger 2018 In 1989 a man from Las Vegas who said he had worked at Area 51 to find out what's really going on and if there are Aliens What he found was the base was used to create and test new secret spy planes which isn't too surprising because it is an air force base Stuster 2013

One of the planes that was tested there was the SR 71 Blackbird This plane could hold two people and exceed the speed of mach 3 around 2200 mph Around that time only few planes could go that fast but the ones that could couldn t stay at that speed The SR 71 could hold that speed for hours and still fly afterwards Over 4000 missiles were fired at the SR 71 throughout its 25 years of being used and non had ever hit The plane would just speed up until the missile couldn't keep up It could go so fast that some parts of the plane reached up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit The plane would become stronger after every flight because the heat would get the metal so hot and then it would cool off after it lands Boyne 2018 S E T I stands for search for extraterrestrial intelligence They are a group that searches for signs of life in the universe They are not funded by the government they are privately funded from wealthy people who believe there really is something out there and want to see them find it Within a year of starting their funding from the government was cut If they do find something and are able to prove it really is extraterrestrial life they say the government will start funding them They have over 100 projects that they are working on right not that range from astronomy to climate change

Even if scientists do get a message from space it is possible that scientists may not be able to decode or understand it because of how different we could be from whoever sent the message The closest possible planet that there could be life on would be around 4 3 light years away so it would take more than eight years for a message to get to earth and back to them So it's around 4 years to send a message to the closest possible area that could have life What could be the case too is there are some other civilizations out there but they aren t advanced enough to receive our signals or maybe some signals reached earth but it was before we were able to receive it or even before we were looking for one If someone detects a signal that they think is extraterrestrial they have to tell scientists and the scientists have to confirm that it really is extraterrestrial with another radio telescope If it is confirmed to be extraterrestrial and not from earth S E T I says they would release the news immediately and there is no reason to keep it to themselves 

After all it would just bring more attention to S E T I and help them get more funding from the government and from more private investors Redd 2016 Roswell New Mexico is famous for having and extraterrestrial object land in the backyard of someones ranch In 1947 during the first week of July a UFO crashed in W W Brazel s ranch Brazel said he got on his horse to go out and check on his sheep because there was a bad thunderstorm the night before and he started seeing pieces of metal on the ground Then he said he saw a shallow trench that was a couple hundred feet long that was dug into the ground He took some pieces back to his shed and then a few days later reported it to the police He thought it might be a UFO because there had been multiple UFO sightings that summer around that area The local air force base said it was a crashed weather balloon but most people believed it was an alien spacecraft Just a short 50 years later the government decides to release what really happened and it was linked to a top secret atomic espionage project The project was called Project Mogul and it was microphones in high altitude balloons that would detect sound waves from soviet atomic bomb tests Broad 2017 museum 2010

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