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What is Emotional Intelligence EQ Psychologists

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Let ll Las Vegas High SchoolSergeant In their What is Emotional Intelligence EQ psychologists Michael Akers and Grover Portot said that Emotional Intelligence or E Q is the ability to perceive imagine q and understand emotions and using that knowledge and understanding effectively in decision making When the concept of emotional intelligence is broken down it creates five subcategories each one a different emotional skill Self awareness self regulation motivation empathy and social skills They are all very important and vital when understanding emotional intelligence Self awareness is the ability to acknowledge and recognize the effects different kinds of emotions have on your body with self regulation you can alleviate feelings as well as shorten the length of certain emotions motivation comes with having clear goals and a positive attitude recognizing the energy of your attitude will help shift negative views and create a more optimistic and committing will Empathy is how well you can comprehend the emotions exhibited by your peers and how well you can relate to those emotions Lastly when working towards success in the field of emotional intelligence it is very important to possess good social skills Social skills aid in efficient communication and relation One of the emotional skills I have is Empathy 

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