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Abello Contensse C 2008 Age and the critical period hypothesis

Abello Contensse C 2008 Age and the critical period hypothesis ELT Journal Volume 63 Issue 2 1 April 2009 Pages 170 172 https doi org 10 1093 elt ccn072 Christian Abello Contensse provided the key terms in his paper where he stated that children acquiring a new language would have a better result in acquiring the language than when an adult tries Stated that CPH is the period where optimal level of language attainment could happen There are four 4 main points that were debated in the study and these are 1 the multiple critical periods 2 the non existence of one or more critical period 3 sensitive not critical period and 4 gradual and continual decline from childhood to adulthood Some studies negate the claim where in a child could have a better outcome than adults and while other studies support it It concludes that both young and old language learners would be able to learn the language and that other than age there are other factors affecting second language learning Abello Contensse s paper would be helpful in identifying how age affects second language learning It could be noted that this author is credible because of the book he has written with other authors about bilingualism and multilingualism indicating that this author is knowledgeable in his works Archibald J Roy S Harmel S Jesney K Dewey E Moisik S Lessard P 2006

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