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Artificial Intelligence Provides a Fundamentally New Approach to Every Problem Since the demonstration of the first running artificial intelligence program in 1956 companies have been hyping artificial intelligence and delivering mediocre results Lee Timothy This has been going on for so long that many people have been conditioned to dismiss it Lee Timothy With artificial intelligence software now advancing at a rapid pace it is time for people to start paying attention Lee Timothy If implemented these recent advances would improve many aspects of human life Artificial intelligence would improve quality of life by greatly improving things such as food production healthcare and cyber security Artificial intelligence has the ability to greatly improve the efficiency of food production This is needed because the farming industry is being challenged by a rapidly increasing world population which the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by the year 2050 McFarland Matt To be able to meet these demands farmers will need to produce nearly fifty percent more crops and the only way to do this is by using artificial intelligence to get the highest yield out of every acre farmed McFarland Matt Artificial intelligence programs are able to do this by providing real time data analytics analyzing soil quality and tracking weather for farmers Venkatachalam Sandhya

They can even accurately predict what their crops and farms will need as much as a year in advance Venkatachalam Sandhya This gives farmers more time to prepare for possible adverse conditions Another way artificial intelligence could greatly improve the quality of life is by advancing healthcare Artificial intelligence will advance healthcare by allowing doctors and researchers to more accurately and effectively provide treatments and prevention strategies Krisberg Kim It will do this by looking at variability in genes between individuals and other factors such as an individuals environment and lifestyle to provide more precise and individualized treatments Venkatachalam Sandhya Artificial intelligence is able to implement this type of precision medicine because it is able to go through thousands of electronic health records in seconds allowing them to uncover new connections and insights Krisberg Kim Artificially intelligent technology has already been shown to improve the prediction of cardiovascular risk prediction and has enabled doctors to identify a diabetes subtype that was previously unknown Venkatachalam Sandhya Also studies using over 75 000 test patients with about 80 diseases showed that artificial intelligence is able to significantly outperform evaluations that were based solely on raw electronic health record data especially in the prediction of various types of cancers diabetes and even schizophrenia Krisberg Kim One study in radiology which trained an artificially intelligent program to detect tuberculosis had an accuracy rate of nearly 100 percent Krisberg Kim This is especially beneficial because there has been a shortage of radiologists in recent years Krisberg Kim Another very important issue artificial intelligence would greatly improve is cybersecurity

With a cyber attack occurring about every 40 seconds and bringing an estimated cost of over 100 billion dollars annually something needs to be done Scary Truth Artificial intelligence would increase cybersecurity effectiveness and reduce costs greatly reducing the risk of both small scale and terrorism attacks Korolov Maria It would be able to do this by supplementing understaffed slow responding inefficient cyber security teams who are unable to investigate nearly 96 percent of valid threats Korolov Maria Studies show an average cyber security company takes 150 days to detect a threat compared to artificially intelligent systems that can catch attacks before they even happen by identifying patterns and anomalies that are associated with malicious content Cybersecurity Statistics These systems are also able to improve security systems and provide account protection for consumers that is able to detect fraudulent activities and irregularities in consumer behavior Korolov Maria Despite the many obvious benefits of applying artificial intelligence to a variety of issues some people argue against its use because they believe artificial intelligence will leave people jobless Lee Yen 

Although this is a valid concern new research suggests artificial intelligence systems are more likely to be creating jobs with it Lee Yen Although Artificial intelligence will eliminate millions of middle and low level positions but more highly skilled and even entry level and skilled jobs Lee Yen Artificial intelligence is now projected to generate over 2 3 million jobs by 2020 while displacing only 1 8 million Lee Yen Researchers surveyed 1 000 organizations that deployed artificial intelligence based systems and found that four out five had created more jobs after their deployment 

Marr Bernard Also over two thirds of respondents said they had witnessed no reduction in the overall jobs due to artificial intelligence Marr Bernard Another common fear associated with the advancement of artificial intelligence is that artificial intelligence will so far surpass human intelligence that they will essentially take over and even bring about the extinction of humanity Kelly Kevin Although this is understable concern it relies on the assumptions that artificial intelligence will become a general purpose intelligence and that intelligence is increasing exponentially and can be expanded without limit Kelly Kevin First of all because there are many different types of cognition there is no true measurement of intelligence so the idea of being more intelligent than humans is a really just a meaningless concept Kelly Kevin Secondly there is absolutely no evidence that intelligence even if it had a measurement is increasing exponentially and the idea that intelligence has an infinite scale again has zero supporting evidence Kelly Kevin Finally as far as artificial intelligence eventually having general purpose minds there s really no such thing even human intelligence is a very specific type of intelligence Kelly Kevin In conclusion because artificial intelligence will improve human life greatly by providing a fundamentally new approach to nearly every problem and bringing improvements in areas such as healthcare food production and cyber security it should be both implemented and further advanced

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