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He always lives on the margins of society and is intentionally prevented from getting into the central place He is very intelligent and skilled As Mammchi says in one place he would have been a fine and competent engineer had he not been a proven He was protected and brought up by Ayemenem House family They accepted that Velutha was a talented boy He is intelligent and sensitive He is a mechanic and a keen craftsman John Klein a carpenter from a carpenter s guild in Bavaria came to Kottayam and spent three years with the Christian Mission Society conducting a workshop with local carpenters Velutha worked with zeal catching a bus to Kottayam He finished his schooling when he was sixteen years of age He emerged as an accomplished carpenter Velutha reassembled the bottle sealing machine and put the factory back on its feet Velutha maintained the canning machine and the automatic pineapple slicer 

His talent was multifarious Roy claims that Velutha was talented and had a passion for personal growth But his urge to move forward and progressive temperament is obstructed by his low origin It is from this family that the painful and unjust discriminatory actions follow reminding him that his indispensable identity is his caste and they are with this decrepit society in segregating him on the basis of his birth

Arundhati Roy writes at one place Mammachi rehired Velutha as the factory carpenter and put him in charge of general maintenance It caused a great deal of resentment among the other Touchable factory workers because according to them Paravans were not meant to be carpenters And certainly prodigal Paravans were not meant to be rehired To keep the Touchable workers happy and since she was aware of the fact that no one would hire him as a carpenter Mammachi paid Velutha less than she would a Touchable carpenter but more than she would a Parvan Mammachi did not encourage him to enter except when she needed him to mend something or to install some gadget Mammachi thought that it was really a great step of kindness and compassion for a Parvan Velutha inherited from those earlier times that grief-stricken knowledge of his social status 

He inherited the deep sense of humiliation disrespect exploitation and hurt that rankled in his heart He wanted all this removed he wished to be treated as equal to all other men and women Realizing his powerlessness that made him vulnerable to all this humiliation exploitation and inequalities he developed a strong desire to attain power

He developed a liaison with the Communist Party He became a formal member held the party card participated in its demonstrations flag marches and meetings He posed a limitless trust in K N M Pillai He sees Pillai as the rescuer of the poor and the downtrodden as he was the leader of a party that claimed to protect and champion the rights of the socially disadvantaged and marginalized people His blind faith in the fake slogans of his party shows his innocence and simplicity He fails to understand the dual nature of characters leaders and politicians He fails to detect the cunningness that resides in the mind of Pillai And therefore when he finds himself in a trouble he runs to get help from Pillai But for the first time Velutha realizes that all his faith and trust in his party was merely an illusion His trust is betrayed Instead of helping him Pillai delivered a lecture of moral and social principles of the party 

This is a little village Comrade Pillai was saying People talk I listen to what they say It's not as though I don't know what's been going on Once again Velutha heard himself say something which made no difference to the man he spoke to His own voice coiled around him like a snake

Maybe Comrade Pillai said But comrade you should know that Party was not constituted to support workers indiscipline in their private life Having been forsaken by the only person in whom Veltha had posed his all faith and massive trust he finds his own means in order to ensure his survival The police department had been given ample assistance and supportive material by both the Ayemenem House and Communist Party especially by K N M Pillai to systematically haunt Velutha He hides himself in the History House where he was captured by the six policemen who beat him mercilessly broke his skull knee caps ribs and reduced him to pulp Roy s irony is at its peak when she shows that Velutha was not given even a single opportunity to defend himself It is the worst form of violation of basic human rights He is deprived of the fundamental human rights Roy is critical of the state institutions that are hijacked by the powerful people and are used as instruments of violence and atrocities against those who are powerless

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