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In this world there is a constant evolvement of technology and its information information systems and the science of information As health care providers it is important that we keep up with the ever evolving technology and how to navigate it to advance the way we take help patients in the care setting With the coming and advancement of technology in the healthcare field it is our job as healthcare team members to navigate this technology and help patients to the best of our abilities From my own clinical experiences I was able to identify how nurses use informatics in the care setting and how it was used for my patients stay in the hospital and how it improved their care and treatment During my last clinical experience I was assigned a patient by my instructor whose condition I couldn t learn about until I utilized the electronic health record on the computers According to chapter two in Nursing Informatics book this is what is called a computer based information system or CBIS for short These systems are a combination of hardware software and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect create and distribute useful data typically in organized settings McGonigle Mastrian 2018 So being able to access the system where all patient s information was stored helped me look more into my patient's history and current condition to learn more about the processes going on in the patient's body 

First off the nurse I was assigned to sat with me and discussed the specific symptoms that where directly related to the patient's condition and then allowed me to access a site known as Up to date to see what other clinical findings are expected in a patient with this condition This site is part of the world wide web interface where users are able to disseminate knowledge on a grand scale with other users McGonigle Mastrian 2018 This site includes early signs and symptoms lab values that may be affected and other manifestations that may take place Next the nurse and I went to the patient's room to do our morning head to toe assessment Some tools used in this assessment included a pen light for looking at the eyes a stethoscope and a device called a Dina map which includes an oxygen saturation monitor a blood pressure cuff and thermometer all in one After the assessment was completed we went to the computer to chart our findings and compared what the patient had in previous assessments to see if anything had changed If there were any changes this may mean the patient's plan of care may need to be modified All this information was easily accessible in the facilities charting system Since I was working on a Cardiovascular floor it was very important to notice changes in the patient's heart rate and rhythm These changes can mean life or death for a patient if the rhythm is detrimental to a patient's health

When it came to discuss the patient's plan of care the nurse and I discussed with them what was needed to help normalize the heart rhythm We answered any questions the patient had and also brought in a social worker when we were asked how to help with paying for medications needed to keep the heart rhythm in check Any questions we were unable to answer was either researched or we provided informational pamphlets that provided answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to the patient's condition During the implementation time of the plan of care the nurse and I hooked up an ECG or electrocardiogram to the patient to continuously monitor the heart rate and rhythm so we could catch any complications that may occur Another common piece of technology nurses use are pagers and cell phones If my nurse needed to notify the patient s provider they could use the cell phone to reach them or just page them to the floor This is useful if something happens to the patient and the plan of care may need to be modified Personally I think another way informatics could have been used in this healthcare setting was the form of the teach back method This method would have allowed the nurse to teach the patient how to give one of their injectable medications and then would have allowed us to watch as the patient taught back to us how to do it This ensures that once the patient is at home they are giving themselves injectable medication correctly From my observation of the tools and devices used in the healthcare setting that provided patients care and treatment it is easy for one to see how these technologies are used to help improve the plan of care and better the lives of patients as they are being treated The computer literate nurse will have knowledge and as a result power and influence McGonigle Mastrian 2018 I believe this quote means that we as future nurses can use technology to become more knowledgeable in our field This also gives us the power and influence to provide further care for our patients in the hospital setting

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