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As I transferred from Fresno City College to Fresno State in the Fall of 2016 my only objective at that moment was to get my B A in Sociology and be done with school In my ideal world I would find the perfect job and be set for life Nonetheless that was not the case At Fresno State I was introduced to new opportunities programs courses and experiences that altered my vision I was far from my original master plan and began to feel unsure of the path I wanted to take However before I let it escalate I turned to a school counselor She steered me to the career center and from then on I began to look at various programs speak to several faculty members and do my own due diligence I have been heavily influenced by each individual I have had an encounter with With the help of my school professors and faculty I am now confident in the path I want to take and I know I will be an asset to the program My instructor always said this quote If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together The first time I heard this I took a moment to let it sink in to truly understand the significance of it I choose to utilize my resources and the people that genuinely cared about me to get me to where I am 

This experience has led me to my current academic and professional path and has helped me focus on my short and long term goals I want to be that resource for others as others were for me What attracted me to the program was the leadership diversity and ethical issue components I know by continuing my education in this field I will be become a better leader ensure everyone will be represented and make a difference within our educational system Being a leader requires stepping out of your comfort zone Throughout these past years I have took initiative in applying myself in ways I would not have With the help of my Humanics courses which focus on the education of the whole person in spirit mind and body for leadership in service to humanity I have become a leader I have the knowledge skills and practice of writing grants and devising an evaluation and board development plans for community benefit organizations This is what makes me stand out because I know I can be a leader for others and provide services for the betterment of society When it comes to diversity it is extremely relevant in today's society It strengthens communities and promotes a healthier workplace Having listened to numerous personal narratives over the years I know everyone has something valuable to offer I have observed board meetings and looked at backgrounds experiences beliefs class and thinking styles We all bring something different to the table and everyone can learn from the experiences and perspectives of others 

We need diversity in our education system and I know I will be able to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity by being culturally aware and by promoting a diverse culture I have witnessed ethical issues in our education system I wrote a qualitative research paper that delved into education in low income areas Additionally after volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club and schools in my community it has opened my eyes to the resources that are available to kids and the type of education they will receive based off factors they have no control of I have witnessed faculty willing to go on strike to receive equal pay job security and other necessities they highly deserve Improving our education system is essential for society and our future I want to advocate for people who cannot and stop a problem before it arises My short term goals are to continue to strengthen my relationships with organizations and members in my community as well as in my workplace With the guidance of my mentor she has encouraged me to be resilient and go after what I want This will help me better serve those around me I will continue to prepare for my first Association of Fundraising Professionals conference where I will expand my professional network and build on my current knowledge My long term professional goal is to continue to live by the values that have moulded me and work in an educational setting where I can implement them I will utilize the knowledge I have gained to allow me to work in a setting where I can bring my passion and pursue a deeper understanding of higher education in all aspects To conclude I know with my diverse background and experience I bring I can be beneficial to the programs studies and research With the help of the program and my perseverance I will achieve my goals

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