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1 Genesis 12 1 9 Nomad Abram Genesis 12 10 20 Brother Abram Genesis 13 1 7 Fight Club Genesis 13 8 18 Abram Gift vs God s Gifts Genesis 14 1 16 Abram s Makeshift Militia Genesis 14 17 24 Humble Abram Genesis 15 1 6 Children of the Stars Genesis 15 7 21 Animal Halves to Land Genesis 16 1 6 Sarai s Surrogate Genesis 16 7 16 Runaway Mother Genesis 17 1 16 Abraham and Sarah Genesis 17 17 27 Great Parents 2 God As the Bible is a book for and of God he is again a key character in these chapters God seems to be very physical in these chapters He talks to Abraham personally Often in today's world God talks to us through experiences or others However many of the chapters were God talking to Abram One of the LORD's messengers talked to Sarai's servant CEB Gen 16 God also took the liberty of changing Abram and Sarai's name CEB Gen 17 Abram Abraham Abraham seems to be the focus of these five chapters God asks him to get up and move so he does Abram goes to Egypt because of a great famine CEB Gen 12 

Here he lies about Sarai being his sister instead of his wife to preserve his life Abram continues his life and in Genesis 17 God changes his name CEB This is to show that not only will Abram be a great ancestor but he will also be an ancestor of many Without Abraham many people would not exist Sarai Sarah Sarai messes up in trying to be a good wife Her and Abram have troubles conceiving a child CEB Gen 16 So Sarai gives Abram her servant The servant loses respect for her so Sarai is harsh and the servant ends up running away Sarai's name is also changed be God CEB Gen 17 She is important because she is also in a majority of the passages given Without her Abraham would not be able to live the stories that he did and although God's covenant was with Abraham it was about children so it is implied to be with Sarai as well Lot 

Lot is a key part in showing how humble Abram is In Genesis 13 Lot and Abram s herders get in a quarrel but rather than arguing with Lot or driving him out of the land Abram let s him pick anywhere he wants and Abram takes the leftover land 3 Promises covenants Over these five chapters the word covenant was a word that kept recurring in the headers A covenant is an agreement or pact between two parties a solemn vow or promise between God and his people Holsinger Friesen The first time a covenant is brought up is in Genesis 15 CEB Here God asks Abram to look at the night sky and as Abram admires the stars God asks him to count them and then tells him that he will have as many children as there are stars in the sky CEB Then again in Genesis 17 covenant is mentioned CEB Here God changes Abram's name to Abraham and promises him that he will be the ancestor of many nations he will produce nations and kings CEB I think that this is significant because Abraham follows God and gives up everything for God and the promises that he has made Obedience 

I think that Abraham represents loyalty and obedience with the covenants that God has made God and Abraham seemed to have a very close relationship In Genesis 12 God tells Abram to leave everything and that is what he does CEB Abram does not stay out of fear that there will be nothing for him but he remains loyal and he goes He becomes a nomad and travels until God give him land Sin This seems to be a prominent theme In the lecture on January 5, 2018, Dr Tom discussed the different roots of sin Holsinger Friesen These included doubt pride impatience and rebellion Holsinger Friesen I think that these chapters are a prime example of sin In Genesis 13 the people rounding Abram s livestock and those rounding Lot s livestock began to argue CEB This caused Abram to let Lot live where he wanted and Abram just took what was leftover These fights were a sinful thing and they probably rose from pride

Abrams herders were prideful in Abrams possessions and did not want Lot s mixed in and Lot s herders were the same In Genesis 16 1 6 Sarai was impatient CEB She did not want to wait to have a child so she let Abram sleep with one of her servants This adultery was a result of impatience and doubt If Abram and Sarai would have been sure of God giving them children they may have waited Impatience also played a role as they were not willing to wait and see what God had planned for the two of them 4 In Genesis 15 Animals are cut in half except for the birds and when vultures come to eat the dead animals Abram chases them off Why is this so important In Genesis 17 Abrams name is changed which makes sense because Abram means exalted ancestor of high or importance to Abraham ancestor of a multitude Stated in the sub notes of my Bible CEB but why is Sarai's name changed to Sarah No difference or in-depth explanation seems to be mentioned

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