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As the fourth ranked smartphone vendors in terms of shipments market share and year over year growth in China in 2016 IDC 2017 Oppo lags behind other electronic companies in China in addressing sustainability issues No matter in sourcing product design operation process or distribution Oppo focuses too much on economic profitability but pays little attention to the environment and social sustainability Oppo spends most of the resources on economic development by designing cutting edge products and optimizing the cost of manufacturing hence providing smartphones with attractive price and enhancing its economic sustainability Oppo has been actively expanding into other regions facilitating its economic sustainability In 2016 Oppo Electronics Corporation applied for expanding its operations by opening retail stores and wholesale business in India Arun S 2016 By applying horizontal expansion Oppo increases its market shares in order to preserve the profitability Besides Oppo keeps designing new products with advanced technology and a remarkable price OPPO press n d Allowing itself to become an original brand manufacturer differentiating itself from most of the original equipment manufacturers in China which are still manufacturing the parts or the products only These policies allow Oppo to retain its customers at a relatively low cost hence improving its economic sustainability In terms of environmental sustainability Oppo does not reveal much of its environmental impact assessment report but still by referring to the latest ranking released by Greenpeace Gary 2017 about Green Smartphone Oppo received a ranking of F 

This is mainly due to Oppo s sourcing policy Coal is the main source of energy in China implying that in electronics manufacturing process a huge amount of carbon dioxides will be emitted harming the environment and causing air pollution Besides Oppo is one of the smartphone companies that require special tools in conducting repairs to discourage customers from repairing This is another kind of planned obsolescence in which intentionally causing customers to purchase a new Oppo smartphone hence damaging environmental sustainability In terms of social sustainability Oppo s labour policy fails to attract and retain talented employees According to an investigative report by China Labor Watch Kevin n d Oppo is still employing underage workers in the manufacturing process without providing enough safety training and unable to provide a satisfying salary in which wages remain at merely the local minimum wage 1 25 RMB per hour This hinders social sustainability as it is not contributing to a better society but exploiting workers in China especially the youngsters the future generation of the society hence violating the terms Corporate Social Responsibility Since Oppo is still a new growing smartphone vendor it might still be focusing on economic development as it needs huge profit to sustain and expand the business Still Oppo should also consider achieving sustainability in the other two aspects economic and environmental as a responsible company In order to achieve sustainability Oppo could consider having greater transparency in monitoring environmental impacts 

For example disclose of components sourcing report and carbon footprints Such actions could gain trust from the potential customers and investors attracting new business corporators and hence further enhance economic sustainability However the disclosure of all components sourcing may risk the business as its competitors could know what are the suppliers Oppo is currently choosing with lower costs hence might create obstacles to Oppo s business Oppo could also choose suppliers with high environmental standard and avoid producing too much unrecyclable waste in its operation process For instance sustainable materials like Polyketone Responsible sourcing n d plastic that reduces resources and energy consumption in production or those biodegradable materials Priya 2009 could be developed Still as mentioned Oppo is a growing company with limited resources and capital to be allocated to designing and sourcing much eco friendly materials or technology in developing their smartphones Thus this is the greatest challenge for Oppo to become a well developed brand name with all rounded sustainability achieved Code of Conducts should also be revised to improve social sustainability Underage workers should not be employed according to the Provisions on the Prohibition of Using Child Labor Laney 2007

Though this act may induce a drop of labor supply for Oppo it is still an ethical act in gaining reputation and help building a better society as well as addressing social concerns in business operations hence enhancing social sustainability To conclude Oppo as a young and fast-growing smartphone vendor it might focus too much about economic development which might harm its sustainability as a whole as Oppo neglects the negative impacts on the environment and society There are various policies from other companies that Oppo could make reference to in enhancing sustainability yet still Oppo might face different challenges as its capital base is not as large as and its operation is not as mature as other companies in this industry References Arun S 2016 July 05 OPPO leads the charge for retail FDI nod The Hindu Retrieved from HTTP www thehindu com business OPPO leads the charge for retail FDI nod article14471074 ece Electrifying the Market OPPO Brings

 The Art of Technology to the Entire Smartphone Spectrum n d In Oppo Press Retrieved from https www oppo com ke about us press electrifying the market oppo brings the art of technology to the entire smartphone spectrum HTML Gary Cook 2017 October 17 How Green is Your Smartphone Retrieved from http www greenpeace org usa how green is your smartphone IDC 2017 Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker Kevin Slaten n d HEG Technology Still Employs Workers Under 18 China Labor Watch Retrieved from http www china labor watch org newscast 484 Laney Zhang 2007 August Children s Rights China Library of Congress Retrieved from https www loc gov law help child rights china PHP Child Labor and Exploitation Priya Ganapati 2009 June 08 SPRINT SAMSUNG LAUNCH BIODEGRADABLE PHONE MADE OF CORN Wired Magazine Retrieved from https www wired com 2009 08 Samsung corn phone Responsible sourcing n d In Microsoft Retrieved from https www Microsoft com en us responsible sourcing default aspx

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