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Assignment Life Life as a tiger was great for me I lived in the grassland and I was not like most tigers in fact I was the leader of my streak and the only reason was because my front two teeth came out to a point What do you think about my sight My eyesight was good particularly at night and what about my sound I don't purr and I could do something chuff And I was the last of my kind I am a white Bali tiger and my name is Eyob My streak and me liked to chilling at our home in the grassland and just hanging around some of us went to hunt for some deer while other stayed behind to protect our territory and to make sure no other tigers would came around our home We were lucky and the streak had quite the feast when we were done we all went and took a nice nap in sun but suddenly we awoke up to noise in our territory I was ready to defend what was mine 2 Hunters I could tell the age gender and reproductive condition of other tigers by subtleties in smell of urine marking and I also my taste like steak tartare and it served raw There were hunters in my territory and we do whatever it took to protect it Great we got rid of the other tigers and now we have human to deal with And then before you knew it they were right in front of us And we did what any tigers would and what was to protect our territory when they saw us they were ready to fire and we were ready to fight As soon as they started to fire and we went after them and attacked them Get this tiger off me one of the men yelled And another men fired on one of my best friend and that was not good for me 

No one hurts anyone in my streak Everything went red and I flew across the field and attacked I don t really remember much but it seemed like a days It was just a couple of hours and hunters finally retreated and left us alone 3 The Growing streak So now I had one other tiger in the streak but he wasn't the only new member in my streak I had cubs So now I am even more protective since I have got three wonderful baby cubs They were only a week old the eyes are not opened yet The new tiger said By the way what are you going to name the cubs and me I said I don't really know just yet I had to see how they are up and moving around then I heard voices It was the new tiger talking to someone and the voice sounded like one I had heard before too And I gave name to the new tiger it was Dakota 4 The visitor It was five against one But this was one tough lion foods for his cubs and for his family and he came to find and I was afraid I couldn't beat him with my four friends on my streak Before you knew it we were all down and hurt the lion was barely hurt at all and just about to attacked us again And just as he was getting ready to pounce another tiger came and attacked the lion I wasn't too sure what happened after that Everything got really woozy and I collapsed 5 Revenge Don’t worry They couldn't get passed those three plus we would in here 

No one is going to let them get to those cubs of yours said one my friend her name is Anna And they both stood up and went right in front of me ready to protect me and my cubs Meanwhile outside the den the big golden tiger and the tiger with the scar over his eyes was back I could hear the fighting and I started to worry I didn't like this all I hope everything is ok am sure I will be fine I said anna but could tell she was worried too yeah don t worry about it she seemed to hide her concern a little bit better than And then out of the blue he came and attacked anna shamed them against the den wall They were out cold well it looks like it just and me you now said the tiger with scared on his eye I had no idea what to do My cubs were still nursing and and he had just about to pounce on me Just as I was getting prepared to protect my babies I heard powerful roar A whirlwind of fury came in and attacked It was Dakota I said leave my wife and kids alone he glowed but how did you you were way out there and I am just that good said Dakota And with that he shamed him against the wall He continued to beat him out of the den and that was the last time we saw of them

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