Essay Example on At the beginning Proserpina was in the woods Exploring









When she saw something beautiful out of the corner of her eye She saw the most amazing flower she had ever seen She wanted to take the flower back to her mother to make her happy Proserpina picked the flower not knowing what would happen when she did When she picked the flower a hold started to form and something started to shine at the bottom of it She looked into the hole and saw a castle but she didn't know who it belonged to As she was looking into the gaping hole she didn t know who was looking at her his name was Pluto he saw a beautiful girl and it made him smile when he saw her so he decided to bring her back to his home When Pluto finally caught up to her he asked if she would help him with somethings When Proserpina said no it made him very vexed Pluto then took her away to his far land where his castle stood When Pluto got her back to his home he offered her a drink for the stream that would make her forget Proserpina did not want to drink the water from the stream but if she did refuse she knew that it would make Pluto more upset Pluto collected some of the water from the stream for later he knew she would get thirsty 

This was the first time Proserpina had saw the castle She was kind of scared at the way it looked The castle was in dark full of things that made her cringe when she looked at it The castle door was big and had a funny looking creature with horns on it The inside was littered with scary things that filled her with horror When they walked in the front door Pluto called to the cook to make some delicious treats for her He then took the water from the stream and put it into to the cook s hands to make sure he used it in the cookies After his finished talking Pluto showed Proserpina to her room She was forced to stay in the room and to not move or go anywhere Many days went by she was left in the room crying and praying that she could leave One day Proserpina built up the courage to leave her room and look around the horrifying castle Proserpina was seen by the one and only Pluto He was mad and asked her why she left her room Proserpina said that all she wanted to do was look around Pluto thought it made sense but told her not to go to the west side of the castle She ignored everything he said and continued looking around Proserpina looked around the west side trying to find out why he didn't want her to go there As she headed down to the west wing she seen some people who looked to be prisoners Proserpina was taken back at first but then began to speak to the people who were trapped The prisoners told Proserpina that they were down there because they did not want to follow Pluto's commands

After the talk the prisoners said that if Proserpina were to let them go from the cage which they would help her get back to her mother Proserpina and the prisoners came up with a plan for the escape that would most surely succeed She agreed and went on with the plan to help them But Proserpina didn't know Pluto was listening in on the conversation between her and the prisoners Pluto became very upset He came from around the corner and dragged Proserpina and threw her back to the room she was assigned Proserpina found a way to get out of the room and went back to the west wing where the people were She picked the locks from the cells with a pin she picked up from the floor The prisoners were now free for the cell and they proceed with their plan that they made before Pluto was now filled with much anger The prisoners and Proserpina were not afraid they stood their ground and prepared themselves for what was coming next Pluto tries to strike them then they strike back They fight back and forth through the night With courage provided from the prisoners Pluto was taken down They threw him in a cell for his own good Both the prisoners and Proserpina were relieved The citizens from the land all voted for Proserpina to rule the castle She did not accept the offer and carried on with her original journey back to her mother A dashing young man took her back home with her mother Proserpina was so excited to be going back and could not wait to tell her mother the disaster she struggled to go through The man and Proserpina arrived at the house and the mother was so gratefully relieved that her daughter was back home safely After a while the man told Proserpina that he had no where to stay She offered him to spend the days at her house In time the man and Proserpina grew a strong relationship with one another and fell in love They both spent the rest of their days in peace and happiness

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