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One historian has said Modern Australia derived from Gallipoli modern Canada from Vimy Ridge which shows how far-reaching effect the war had on Canada Inevitably the nation was negatively affected by the war however positive changes also occurred and advanced national development In the following paragraphs the remarkable influence of the world war 1 on Canada will be discussed with regards to social economy and politics In the society the status of women was greatly affected by the world war 1 Before the war women traditionally stayed at home and take care of the children while their husbands were working outside Nevertheless after the warfare broke men had to leave Canada for the war so women replaced men in offices factories schools etc They participated in many activities that made contributions to the war in Europe and their home front For instance due to the demand for labor a number of women formed the nucleus of munitions industry workers BBC 

Moreover with the start of the 1915 provincial election in Manitoba women in the country began to won the right to vote and finally realized their goal in 1918 which is considered as brilliant historic progress towards the gender equality in Canada Hence during the world war 1 the achievement done by women gradually reduced the opposition by men against acknowledging the abilities of women and their status increasingly improved

The change of the women's status indicated that the even though the world war 1 was cruel in Canadian home front the society could be positively affected As for the economy as mentioned that the rising of manufacturing for the war was in badly need of labor the Canadian economy was enormously influenced by the world war 1 The Canadian economy then experienced an extremely prospective period during the war and long unemployment occurred after the war Since the war was costly the government introduced some policies such as Victory Bonds Honor Rationing and income tax, In addition, the government also borrowed money from other countries to cover the high cost of the war 

Due to the heavy demand for steel and munitions manufacturing industry grew dramatically which gave rise to a situation that almost everyone could find a job During this time Canada was changing from a country based on the agricultural economy to a rising industrial nation and the Canadian economy then depended on the booming industry, as well as agriculture lumbering and mining Wikispaces Canadian goods were exported to Europe and the significant exports, helped Canadian economy boom during the war which paved the foundation of the more prosperous period the roaring twenties Living in the increasingly growing economy Canadians had to face a sudden change when the war ended When soldiers came back home they were out of work however because of the end of the war and the decreased demand for steel and chemical many factories and plants had shut down resulted in severe lasting unemployment that Canada took several years to recover from

Although the development of Canadian economy was not smooth after the war the flourishing four years had successfully changed the economic form of Canada and shaped Canada to what it is now For Politics the world war 1 had an influence on Canadian autonomy and the conflict between Francophones and Anglophones In the famous battle Vimy Ridge Canadian troops made great contributions to the war effort and earned a widely international respect 

After that the Canadian army fought on their own led by a Canadian commander which demonstrated an independent status as a nation Furthermore Canada won a seat at the Paris Peace Conference and signed the Treaty of Versailles that formally ended the war as a separate nation Canada became less dependent on Britain and this was great progress towards the autonomy of Canada which helped to meet the real independence in the later years In contrary to the success in authority the conflict between Francophones and Anglophones was intensified in Quebec At that time many English Canadians still felt loyalty to the British Empire and the rate of volunteers was high within them but for French Canadians, they did not have reasons to fight for Britain

Thus the compulsory Military Service Act stirred their dissatisfaction and to some extent became one of the reasons that led to a separation of Quebec many years later Prezi These two changes showed that Canada was both positively and negatively influenced by the world war 1 and the influence lasted for several decades In conclusion world war 1 had a far-reaching impact on Canada in social economy and politics No matter the impact was positive such as the women s status economic development and further autonomy or negative like unemployment and contradiction these are all indispensable pieces of the long river of the Canadian history As time goes by the great influence will not disappear but will be remembered by more and more generations and finally become a beacon that lights the way to the future

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