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Abstract Automation becomes very important part of human life IoT brings a drastic change in the daily life of human beings In early days the food industries were lagging behind any other industries Nowadays the adoption of wireless technology emergence of mobile devices has led to automation in the food industry The food industry also increases the business opportunity the automated food ordering system for any restaurant attract the human attraction In this paper the manual menu system is replaced by an automated touch screen based menu system In this system the input module is the touch screen sensor which is placed on Graphical Liquid Crystal Display which is used for the input from the user the second module is the microcontroller which accepts the order from the input module and the output module is the ZigBee module which is used to communicate between user table to the receiver end Keywords ZigBee module GLCD IoT Microcontroller Touchscreen 

INTRODUCTION Touch screens are very popular nowadays and the user interface of it becomes more and more common This technology brings a drastic change in every field The food industries were lacking in a few centuries back but in the 21st century the food industries become more popular and attract more peoples 2 The restaurants become the main source for the food loving people where varieties of food are present But then depending on the time delay the restaurants become popular The waiter is also an issue for the restaurant and the management suffers by paying a large amount to the waiters so to reduce this problem we use touch screen based menu system for the restaurants 4 As we know how the touch screen is used in daily life such as Bank Automatic teller machines ATMs personal Digital assistants PADs mobile phones and displays A touchscreen is a kind of display which can detect the things by detecting presence and location of a touch within the display area Before the generation of the touch screen which can be operated by a normal finger the intermediate device was required to operate the touchscreen 3 These displays can be attached to the computers or as terminals to its networks So that the time can be saved as well as the cost of the waiter can also reduce with an accuracy of food ordering Figure 1 Touch Screen This interface of this with any device can be beneficial because it is time saving The purpose of this work is to introduce a wireless ZigBee module along with touch screen to design food ordering systems for restaurants 

7 As compared to the oldest or traditional method of food ordering in the restaurant this system will attract the customer with faster and better service the restaurant workers or staff will cooperate more efficiently and also the working mistakes will reduce and enterprise owner gets more business profit In the past decade India is an overly populated country very often people find themselves standing in long queues to place their orders in fast food restaurants 5 Now the standard of living of people of India has improved These industries also need to update itself with the new ideas of innovation or else they will find themselves lagging behind the others in our society To place the order the customers have to wait until their order is ready for collection But nowadays people are investing lots of money in the food industries and more peoples are spending money on food in the restaurants so they expect smooth service along with the sophisticated system To solve these problems touch screen based food ordering system is introduced which brings the revolution in the catering industry 8 The main goal of this system is developing a user friendly touch screen based food ordering system which is placed on every table On the basis of the menu card provided customers need to select the items and placed the order the order will be displayed on GLCD screen Once the order is placed it is received by the receiver section and on the basis of it the food is supplied to the customers After the order completed the bill is displayed in the billing section of the GLCD 4 Figure 2 Graphics LCD These menu ordering techniques are A Paper based menu card B Self service food ordering technology Traditional Ordering System In this method customers need to specify their requirements to the waiter who write the order on a paper then he takes the order written in the paper to the kitchen and once the order gets ready supplies the food item to the customer So it was a time consuming process This method seems to the wastage of paper and also requires to reprint of all menu cards if some items need to change to the menu cards 6 Self Service In this method the order is taken from customers via some source such as internet kiosks etc it is a self service or self ordering system in restaurants refer to the restaurants

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