Essay Example on Babies and toddlers younger than 18 months old need full parental Protection








Birth to 18 months Screens Phones Tablets Computers TV Babies and toddlers younger than 18 months old need full parental protection from exposure to screens so their brains can grow in the best way possible You can protect them by taking them out of a room with a TV on or asking others to turn off their phone or tablet when you're at the same table You can also protect your baby's brain development by putting away your phone which distracts you from the wonderful and easy ways you can support growth and learning as a parent making eye contact playing and talking to your baby If a parent or caregiver often pays attention to a screen in the presence of a baby or toddler these children may develop behavioral problems in the future It is a myth that babies and toddlers intelligence and learning can be improved by so called educational apps and programs 140 words LINKS to be supplied DEFINITION to be supplied EXAMPLE Children 18 months 5 years Screens Phones Tablets Computers TV Pediatricians recommend that young children up to age five should never spend more than one hour per day in front of a screen Screens include computers gaming devices phones tablets movies and television Your child can only benefit from this limited screen time only if you are present and able to discuss what is happening on the screen

Talk with your child about the characters action or details of a movie or a game both during and afterwards to expand their understanding More than one hour of screen time per day can cause problems in language development interfere with normal social and emotional learning self control for example Instead try to help your child play creatively which is necessary for healthy child development 122 words LINKS Guide to Toys and Play by TRUCE https tinyurl com y8gveg5d DEFINITION Creative Play includes theses kinds of play pretending and imaginative play with or our without objects drawing painting using clay dance and song and inventing games EXAMPLE Creative play includes using imagination with things you have at home ordinary household objects Cardboard boxes can be transformed into forts or houses spaceships or submarines castles or caves Inside a big cardboard box a child is transported to a world of his or her own one where anything is possible Children 6 12 years Screens Phones Tablets Computers TV For children six years old and older it's important that parents try to set firm limits on the amount of time spent using screen based media and on the type of content Make sure your child's screen time does not take the place of adequate sleep physical activity and other behaviors essential to health It is important for children to have as much face to face time as possible 

This is critical to learning Also experts have learned that when family members have regular media free times such as during meals or certain days of the week children are more likely to develop in a healthy way Be aware that when a child has a screen or digital devices in their bedroom and as well as when they have too much screen time their amount and quality of their sleep is reduced 140 words LINKS to be supplied DEFINITION Media free time is a time when everyone has their phones put away or turned off and are not answering Televisions computers tablets video games and phones are not being used EXAMPLE to be supplied Teenagers Screens Phones Tablets Computers TV Teens will increasingly make their own choices about screen time As a parent you can support the process of making good choices about screens and Internet safety in these ways 1 Most important of all is to be sure your teen feels he or she can confide in you without judgment when they have a question concern or find themselves or others in danger Keeping the lines of communication open means being willing to listen well and caringly even when that's difficult 2 Many teens need to be reminded that a nothing they write or post online and no text messages are private Privacy settings do not make what they say or post online fully private Images thoughts and behaviors teens share online will instantly become a part of their permanent digital footprint that future schools employers and others can see 3 Teens also need reminding that sleep is still an important factor in health and screens in bedrooms even phones can interfere with good sleep 166 words LINKS Commonsensemedia org DEFINITION Digital Footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet In includes the websites you visit emails you send and information you submit to online services EXAMPLE to be supplied

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