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Bachelor parties also known as stag party is one in the most memorable events in a bachelor's life before hitting marriage life Bachelor parties can be a fun event or might spill board to something uneventful if not properly planned or handle An improperly planned stag party before the wedding night due to bad or wrong idea may alter the life of the intending groom and his friends Brainstorming for the ideal bachelor's party can be tasking for both the intending groom and his best man So we would be listing out some very unique and breathtaking ideas different from the over flogged clichés of strippers party Sit back as we help you in planning for your ideal bachelor's party Go natural What is the best way of getting out from the bustle of life and the stress of planning for a wedding with your hoods if not taking out time to enjoy the simplicity of nature You can make a memorable outing with the guys by packing up a couple of items such as tents some food and some couple of beer and drink and hanging out for some good old time brewing while remembering on some past and fond memories You are safe with this idea and face little possibility of running into problems as long as there is enough food and drink to go round Ocean view Sightseeing on the beach while overlooking the ocean is a nice sight to witness 

To make the bachelor's eve worth remembering get your goons to come with cards drinks and outdoor games with you while enjoying the serene view and catching your fun at a very cheap cost Go shooting For lovers of action and gun battle going for a firing range can be mind blowing and exhilarating Going out to some range and testing different firearms can be exciting and can be a way of showing masculinity To add fun to it the group can go gambling on the best shooter in order to make it more fun Sport can't go wrong Whether you are a football basketball baseball or hockey fan attending a profession sporting event can be quite exciting and a strong way for guys to hang out Get the group to be sited together in a particular area with some good wine can be a good way to unwind in celebration of the bachelors party Vegas Hit the casino with your goon and you might hit it big before saying I do But casino party might go wrong if you don t know when to put in the card and get moving It might be your lucky day so why not try it out in an existing casino house Let's go gaming Lovers of good games would connect easily with this Hit a good gaming lounge fully equipped with the latest and highly tech interactive video games not forgetting to go handy with good brew to keep the boys happy 

The group can play against one another or play an online group game such as soccer street fight and lots of others to keep the spirit high Skydiving What better way to celebrate a bachelors party with a group of adventurous friends in order to keep the adrenaline pumping if not hitting the nearest skydiving location Since we are looking out for a once in a lifetime experience not minding the cost then we can go for it Get the crew to come with a handy camera so as to tape the jump so as to give you something to look back to when you wish to remember some of your sissy buddies shouting in horror and happiness Go golfing One of the easiest ways to relax for the more Calm spirited bachelor and friends is to take a privilege outing by golfing Look out for a nice golf course around you with your friends with a fully parked cart of beer some golf carts and get a nice outing Get a great meal with some good cigar Treat yourself like A royalty before the wedding night by hitting a very expensive lounge maybe dress in an expensive suit with your friends in a limo and a quality cigarette to add to your swag Transform your backyard into a party ground You can create an outdoor party in the comfort of your backyard by hiring a good DJ or movie projector while jamming on some hot songs to keep the boys in a high spirit Comedians show can do it Laughter is universally believed to keep the mind occupied and a way to laugh out ones sorrow So you guys can search for a good comedy show around and catch the fun of your life before saying goodbye to bachelorhood and walking into marriage hood Why not choose from this collection and have an exciting bachelor party for you and the guys

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