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Izzy McMahon DOB March 13 2000 Current Location My House January 8 2018 6 24 p m Mr Mazzella British Literature A4 Parish Episcopal School 4101 Sigma Rd Dallas TX 75244 United States North America Earth Honor Bound Lettuce Play Report Look Back in Anger by John Osborne Look Back in Anger is a play written by British actor and playwright John Osborne in 1956 after World War II With Look Back in Anger John Osborne became the first to write a successful Kitchen Sink drama which is a phrase used to describe the 1950s and 1960s British cultural movement Look Back in Anger is considered a Kitchen Sink drama because it criticizes the generation of people after World War II and sheds light on the issues that were happening in England at the time In general Kitchen Sink dramas demonstrate a type of social realism aspect and their characters tend to deviate from modern society and bring attention to many societal issues John Osborne changed British playwriting by playing an integral role in the rise of Kitchen Sink dramas which focused more on the lower class and injustices surrounding them as opposed to England's previous style which mainly consisted of rulers and the wealthy class John Osborne s writing is well known for creating an unsettling disturbing feeling in his audience because of his intense writing and his refusal to shield his audience from uncomfortable topics by censoring his scripts 

Some attribute his somewhat controversial style to a comedian he admired Max Miller Osborne believed he and Miller were very alike stylistically in the immense control they had over their audiences emotions The protagonist in Look Back in Anger is a boy named Jimmy Porter who lives in England around the 1950s Jimmy Porter lives in his apartment in a small town with his wife Alison Porter Cliff Lewis Jimmy is a young fiery character and he is angry about how England is running at that time Therefore he constantly tries to aggravate Alison and Cliff to argue with him In Act I Alison irons Cliff and Jimmy read the newspaper Then Jimmy tries to egg on Alison by teasing her about her family the fact that she's a woman and her intelligence He then tries to anger Cliff by making fun of him for his background as a lower class citizen and also insulting his intelligence Cliff and Jimmy start play wrestling due to Jimmy s antics and Alison gets shoved over and burned with her iron It is then revealed that Alison is pregnant with Jimmy s baby but he doesn't know about it yet She attempts to tell Jimmy about the baby but is interrupted by a phone call from her friend Helena Charles When Alison tells Jimmy that Helena called and is staying with them in a couple weeks Jimmy loses his temper and begins to scream and brutally insult Alison Then ironically Jimmy tells Alison he hopes she is pregnant and has a baby so she can watch it die In Act II it is a couple weeks later and Helena has already arrived to stay with them

As Helena and Alison prepare food for everyone Alison talks to Helena about her relationship with Jimmy and why she is with him despite his harshness but Helena believes Alison needs to stand up for herself After Jimmy continuously insults Helena and Alison Helena calls Alison s parents and notifies them that they need to come save their daughter from this abusive relationship Later Alison s dad Colonel Redfern arrives to take her away and after Jimmy reads the goodbye note she left him he takes his anger out on Helena and insults her again Then she slaps him which causes him to cry Then he and Helena kiss Act III the final act of the play is set up exactly like Act I except with Helena being the one ironing Jimmy still insults Helena about her religion and about being a woman but isn't as cruel to her as he was to Alison before Cliff then says that he doesn't like living with them anymore because he wants to go out and be independent After he shares this news Alison surprisingly comes into the apartment and seems sickly sure enough she reveals that she had a miscarriage With Alison s return and tragic loss of the baby Helena realizes that she is wrong for staying here with Jimmy and notifies them that she is leaving After Helena is gone 

Alison and Jimmy begin to talk and Alison is brought to tears with the thought of losing their child Rather than insult and belittle her Jimmy comforts her as the two apologize and try to salvage their relationship I would like to explore the title of the play more because it is interesting and could have a much deeper philosophical meaning behind it that could help explain things that occur in the play I would also like to explore Jimmy s relationship to other characters in the book specifically his wife because I think it would be interesting to find out if Osborne and Jimmy resemble each other Finally I would like to explore the symbolism of the toy squirrel and bear and the significance behind the first scenes of every act being identical I would also like to learn more about the play s impact on England with the rise of the Kitchen Sink dramas and how Look Back in Anger transformed society My thesis will have something to do with how the play was influenced by both Osborne s personal life and the time period in which is was written I will also analyze the play and talk about the play s effect on British literature

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