Essay Example on Be Good to Your Kids Serial Killers Have Traumatic Childhoods








Be Good to Your Kids Serial Killers Have Traumatic Childhoods INTRO Keith Jesperson was born on May 6th 1955 to Les and Gladys Jesperson in Chilliwack From a young age Keith entertained himself by torturing and killing animals His parents weren t too disturbed by his behavior His father Les Jesperson even bragged about witnessing his five year old son suffocating a cat Les Jesperson was an abusive alcoholic and frequently lowered his children s self esteems and self worth with his words and his fists Les also was this way with women As a result of his troubled upbringing Keith was bullied in school and was kind of an outsider Eventually he became friends with a boy named Martin who would often blame Keith for his mistakes On top of being physically and mentally abused Keith was also very close to being sexually abused by his neighbor By the time he was 15 he had attempted to kill someone two times Twenty years later he committed his first successful murder Keith raped and killed Taunja Bennett by physical force and strangulation He murdered seven more women over the course of five years and in several states He is currently serving many life sentences in the Oregon Department of Corrections Krueger et al Although Keith had an extremely painful childhood that lead to a criminal adulthood his children didn t suffer the fate he did Melissa Moore one of his children grew up got married and had children of her own

She made it her own personal mission to contact the families of her father s victims and speak with them Although it was hard for her to do so she thought it was important to apologize for her father s actions since he definitely would not and didn t have the capability to be sincere She even wrote a book called Shattered Silence The Untold Story of a Serial Killer s Daughter My Evil Dad Although having a serial killer for a father greatly impacted their lives she and her siblings are still a functional members of society Joseph Kallinger was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Judith Renner in 1937 Unfortunately she didn t think she could take care of him well enough so he was put into a boarding home and was later put up for adoption When he was two years old he was adopted by Stephen and Anna Kallinger This wasn t as happy of an ending as it seemed because the Kallingers were both emotionally and physically abusive His punishments included kneeling on sandpaper for hours getting hit in the head with a hammer and being forced to burn his fingers on the stove Not all the things he was punished for were even his fault

For example a girl kicked him in the groin at school one day without being provoked His parents punished him anyway when they were informed by the school Joseph was also held at knife point while being sexually abused by some of his older classmates at 11 years old At 13 he followed in his abusers footsteps by recommitting the act on another boy at knife point At 15 he starts having a more normal life He got a girlfriend made some new friends and left his home to escape his abusive parents However at the same time he was making these positive changes some negative ones were also taking place At one point Joseph had thought God told him that he needed to heal and save people through their feet He started conducting hidden experiments because of this He and his girlfriend got married when he was 17 but she fell in love with another man when he turned 20 years old He got married another time two years later and had a few kids with this new wife He abused these children in a similar manner to how he was abused as a child His children attempted to run away on many occasions but each time they were caught and severely punished For example when his oldest daughter was captured he branded her with a hot iron He was eventually arrested for child abuse after three of his children reported him to the police Unfortunately for his children his sentence didn t save them Four years of probation and psychiatric treatment was all that was required Once home he drowned one of his sons Joey for reporting him to the police Eventually he started including Michael one of his other sons in his crimes Together they broke into homes and sexually abused people as well as killing some of them He showed some mental issues in court like claiming he was the Son of God but also was incarnated as a butterfly once He was also prone to hallucinations one of them being a floating head named Charlie Greenlief et al His son Michael Kallinger was sentenced to some time in a correctional facility but overall his actions were determined to be his father s fault Michael was released and now lives a normal life with a new identity Visser On November 4 1905 Nancy Hazle otherwise known as Nannie Doss was born to James and Lou Hazle in Blue Mountain Alabama

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