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Before taking this writing course I was not aware of the copious subgenres within the genre of nonfiction As this course came to an end I am proud to say I have learned that there are several styles in which a nonfiction piece can be produced Everybody knows that nonfiction is based on pure facts There is one level of reality objective reality that everyone shares Through the scientific method we strive to understand this reality as best we can with our limited faculties But then there's another level of reality the social reality which is constructed on an individual level Our realities are a blend of perceptions attitudes and influences from our environment We learn what is true and false right and wrong by interacting with the people around us Nonfiction authors strive to achieve a bias free and completely objective depiction of reality however creative nonfiction authors know that this is nearly impossible 

They take the liberty to express their point of view in a stylistic way that resembles that of a fiction author Borrowing from fiction writing creative nonfiction applies narrative arc character development and scene creation to true stories In other words creative nonfiction writers pull from the best of both worlds to create true stories written with an emphasis on style and literary craft Throughout this course I have encountered distinct words and phrases that impacted me as both a writer and a thinker The word Embellish was a frequent word discussed among my classmates during writing workshops Some of my classmates argued that creativity requires an embellishment or skewing of the facts making the idea of creative nonfiction an oxymoron Others maintained that it is possible to be honest and straightforward and creative at the same time By writing my own pieces I learned that creative nonfiction can be described as true stories but well told Transforming real events and people into a narrative is a delicate balancing act Sometimes the facts get in the way of telling a good story and sometimes the story misrepresents the facts Working with the restriction of reality can be a writer s biggest challenge and greatest weapon You can t change the facts to make it easier to write the story but you also have the framework of reality to guide your writing

Taking the grit of everyday life and making it into something beautiful on the page is an amazing art faithfully representing the truth behind the facts is a great responsibility However this can easily become construed because once again everyone has their own reality In addition Hide and Trust were commonly used words in this creative nonfiction course Our first speaker an autobiographer told us to trust no one If the subject you are writing about is a person and you decide to interview this individual be aware that they will lie whether they realize it or not Everyone embellishes memories in their minds to fit their motives The speaker told us that this false information can actually be extremely useful As the author you have to ask yourself why questions which can either lead you closer to the objective truth or it can simply tell you more about the personality of your subject Essentially creative nonfiction is a place where your experience as the writer is the guide for the story The stories of others are told through your experience what you learned in research their responses to your questions in interviews their appearance and mannerisms when you met them These words continue to have an impact not only on my writing but the way that I think in everyday situations I am more aware of myself and my surroundings When getting into intense arguments or minor spats

I remember to tell myself that I should attempt to empathize with the other party and try to walk a mile in their shoes Now I am more eager to explore investigate listen and learn Since the autobiographer paid us a visit I have frequently entertained the notion in my mind that the world around me is fake and I ll never obtain capital T truth Everybody has their own narratives and their own aspirations which in turn separates all of mankind I may be getting a bit too pessimistic but this course has led my thoughts into a never ending tangent on all of life's mysteries The absolute truth we will never know That does not mean it doesn t exist or that we shouldn t try to find it Nonfiction seeks the truth but creative nonfiction accepts that there will always be distinct perspectives Conclusive evidence of reality is all around us the only problem is that we are too self centred to see it If we were perfect we could know the whole truth but we can never achieve perfection or become a third party viewer of the universe On a more positive note there is a certain type of beauty in imperfection

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