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Bill Gates is not only the co founder of the very successful computer software company Microsoft but he is also one of the world s richest men with 90 2 billion He has used his wealth to help poor people especially children all over the world lead better and healthier lives Bill is one of the biggest philanthropists on earth The Early Years Bill Gates was born on October 28 1955 in Seattle Washington Bill Gates father is William Gates his mom was Mary Gates and his two sisters were Kristi and Libby Bill had good grades at the start of his life but he got bored of school and started getting bad grades Bills parents decided to move him to a private school and he started getting better grades His private school was one of the first schools to get access to computers Bill and some of his friends immediately got into programming In 1968 they started up a group called the Lakeside programmers group LPG After a while they got a job at the Computer Center Corporation CCC but soon CCC went out of business In 1970 Bill Gates and and his friend from Lakeside programmers Paul Allen made Traf O Data which measured traffic times Bill and Paul made 20 000 In 1973 Bill went to Harvard but in his first year there he learned about the first micro computer the Altair 8800 and decided to write programming language for it Bill did not even own an Altair 8800 but he and Paul wrote a program for a big computer to work like the Altair 8800 When they sold the program in 1975 they needed a business name and because they wrote the program for a micro computer they called the company Microsoft Bill was only 19 years old when he founded Microsoft The Middle Years In 1976 at age 21 Bill quit Harvard to focus on his company 

Three years later they moved Microsoft to Washington they had 13 employees at the time In 1980 Bill signed a contract with IBM that would change Microsoft IBM made huge mainframe computers but they wanted to make small ones so they went to Microsoft In 1981 they had a operating system ready Sales came out big and everybody was buying them Other companies also started selling personal computers and Microsoft was selling those companies the operating system which was called MS DOS Soon it was the standard operating system for computers all over the world In 1983 the company had over 500 employees but Bill s friend and co founder Paul Allen left Microsoft to recover from cancer In 1985 Microsoft Windows was released Windows was important because you did not have to type in commands instead you had a mouse and could click on programs Windows was a success They started to use a mouse and instead of memorizing commands you could just click on them and they would open The reason they called it windows is because you could have more than one screen open at a time But soon after Microsoft used the mouse apple tried to sue Microsoft saying that the mouse was their invention but Microsoft won in the courts because their mouse was different than apples At 31 years old he was the youngest self made billionaire in history At 39 years old he was the richest man in the world with 12 9 billion dollars Soon there was the internet Companies were making programs for the internet s and Bill wanted to make a program to 1995 bill released 

Explore the Internet but in 1998 the US department of Justice took Microsoft to court They said Microsoft had to split in two because Netscape had no competition the court said it was no fair After a few years the courts were overturned and Microsoft was back to one company The Later Years In 1994 on New Years Day Bill Gates married Melinda French who he met at Microsoft In 1996 they had their first child her name was Jennifer Katharine Gates In 1999 they had a second child named Rory John Gates Then in 2002 they had their third and last child her name was Phoebe Adele Gates In the year 2000 when he was 45 he started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and donated 28 billion dollars to charity to help with polio malaria and other diseases and stop world hunger At Microsoft Bill stepped down to Chief Software Architect in 2000 Then in 2008 he works mostly at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation In 2014 Bill Gates resigns his position as chairman on the board of Microsoft and takes on the role of Technology Advisor Bill Gates has had a big impact on the world when every you open your computer and you don t see a black screen and have to type in 1 0 to do things thats because of Microsoft He stopped most of the polio in the US and other countries Now Bill is 62 years old and is working on stopping malaria polio and teaching mothers in other countries how to raise their children through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation Science has proven that malaria can be stopped and Bill says All lives have equal value which means to Bill if people in America get vaccines for diseases so do people in other countries

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