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Born and brought up in a business family all my life I had the desire to follow my grandfather and father bring new innovations to our existing pharmaceutical family business During my holidays while assisting my father with the office work production in the factory I had a vision of expanding our existing business in different fields Keeping this in mind I opted for Commerce with Maths in Senior Secondary School scoring 95 in both Accounts and Business Studies in 12th grade As planned during school I took up the Bachelors in Business Administration program from NMIMS Mumbai for my undergraduate training The decision was guided with the concentration towards learning of business ideas comprehensively Having been raised in a safe home condition moving into another city independent from anyone else helped me leave my customary range of familiarity and gave some of its own lessons 

At NMIMS the curriculum exposed me to a wide spectrum of subjects comprising of Strategic Management Financial Planning Marketing Taxation and Operations Furthermore the curriculum required me to work on multiple projects which included a Analysing the business strategy of Tata Motors acquiring JLR b Customising a Financial Plan to achieve financial goals for different individuals with varied age groups c A product launch assignment conducting the sale of fashion accessories targeting college students All these contributed in developing my analytical skills by applying my theoretical learning aptly Along with my academics I took up extracurricular activities like being a part of the digital works committee in the National Level Inter College Festival Vaayu which exposed me to a new field of creative designing I also attended an entrepreneurial workshop which gave extensive insight regarding formulation and running of a start-up which aided me in forming my Business Plan subject in my final year curriculum In my final year after opting for a finance specialisation 

I happened to attend a Finance Workshop which interested me even more in this field While studying in NMIMS I had the privilege of Attending CPHI PMEC Convention of Pharmaceutical Ingredients Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment Convention which is amongst the largest Pharmaceutical exhibition in the world I was mesmerised by the highly sophisticated machineries demonstrated by various multinationals such as Rommelag Machin Fabrik which were capable of conducting tasks with immense precision and yield maximum output I even observed a fully automated tablet line machine from production to packaging untouched by human hand It dawned on me that we had a lot to learn from the new evolving business techniques of the West It further fuelled my desire for higher studies abroad After completing my undergraduate education I had a desire to work at the ground level in our business and understand its functioning Thus I started working in the pharmaceutical family business learning to use of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software which formed the crux of the business While learning the financial side I happen to stumble upon GST and the changes it brought to the business And though the things came back on track it took time As of now I was learning as and when difficult situations arose but I saw a need for formal education which would bridge that gap and would make me proactive to tackle the changing business policies Thus I choose to apply for higher studies abroad 

My business background and education has always fascinated me to study commerce and business I am convinced that Msc in Management from XYZ will impart me the wisdom which would form the backbone of my skills necessary to conduct a successful business I believe this program will help me develop a strong understanding of business concepts in theory and in practise eventually honing my analytical skills too Already having a strong background in subjects such as Research Methodology and Strategic Management I believe that modules like Entrepreneurship and HRM would further help me improve my managerial skills required for leading a business According to my perception the most unmistakable difference between the instruction framework in India and UK is the stress laid on theoretical knowledge and the practical use of the theory It is apparent that when contrasted with India the instructional method in the UK is intuitive involving a critical thinking approach and includes real-life business research India is still a developing nation The business practices in India are still conventional and yet to be developed 

There is unmistakably a need to gain from the experiences of the west where they are much ahead as per the learning curve The nation of UK which is the focal point of such development as well as a worldwide industrial hotspot and a prime institute such as yours is especially constructive for such learning As I would join my family business subsequent to finishing my Master s program it would be relied upon from me to expand our business on a global scale I would hence be required to deal with individuals from varied countries cultures and societies And it is here that introduction to a different educational system which sustains in your college environment would be especially useful and give me an edge above all I Varun Gupta would be overwhelmed if I am allowed to pursue my postgraduate studies at XYZ and given an opportunity would work hard to live up to the expectations that the school has from me

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