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Brandon Valadez Ratermann English III The Model of Man Homo Sapiens or modern humans have been around for about 200 000 years Through amazing survival skills and a tremendous amount of coincidence they progressed into today as the thinking and complicatedly emotional creatures we are As strong as the need for procreation and survival was something that played a prominent role was different than the role of instinct The idea of attractiveness that is subconscious for the most part has always found its way to be prevalent in really pushing people to their partner This can be seen in lots of complex creatures but it s most unique in humans So many thoughts when defining the prototypical well built man can come to mind Often time these features kind of point to the umbrella of a trait that is masculinity highlighted in almost all cultures both modern and past Masculinity itself is one of the main things male attractiveness is rooted in so it makes sense evolutionarily Defined by many features that point us to our primal past as early Homo Sapiens is the idea of being a big strong man In Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences it was found that women think formidable men the ones who look like they can get in a fight and win it to be the most attractive This attractiveness is displayed in the upper body of a man 

This preference for jacked top heavy dudes they argue likely developed over millennia of human evolution and is rooted in our genes EDIT The effect of height and weight indicate that women respond to cues of health or to the benefits that height and lean bodies have in protracted aggression hunting and other aspects of fighting ability This isn t too far from nowadays unsurprisingly enough Add more on body Another factor a very important one is the thing that greets us the portrait of a person their face Looking at a set of photos it s easy to say which faces we find attractive Different people will usually agree on which faces those are although it s not certain exactly why those faces draw our eyes towards them One answer of sorts to this question is symmetry Faces that we believe are attractive tend to be symmetrical and these are considered average People s faces usually only differ subtly in symmetry says Anthony Little a psychologist at the University of Stirling in Scotland Everyone s face is slightly asymmetrical but in different ways he says In the end many of these faces seem symmetrical So he explains symmetry looks normal to us And we then like it This unintentional gravitation towards the mean in terms of a person s face makes sense The idea of a normal looking person is reassuring in that the person one is attracted to isn t a strange sight Attractive man face features Women are unconsciously looking for a man who has a waist to hip ratio of 9 10 and are attracted to a partner with a big jaw a broad chin an imposing brow The angle between their eyes and mouth cheekbone prominence and facial length all play a role as well as does facial hair Most women prefer heavy stubble to either a beard of clean shaven However men with full beards are viewed as better fathers And the limbal ring the area where the iris meets the white of the eye is thought to signal youth and health In a 2011 study men and women with a dark limbal ring were perceived as more attractive 

Yet there is more to a man than just the physical shell that holds the heart and soul of said man Certain personalities and attitudes from simple behaviors to the things that emotionally differentiate one person from another attract certain people some are more attractive What one person considers attractive ranges from person to person man and woman and continues to play an important role in many aspects of life and will continue to do so A great deal of that sort of subconscious preference for certain things has come to be so because of biological factors and evolutionary events Yet more recently in the grand scheme of history a man s behaviors and attitudes towards certain things qualifies one for attractiveness with certain traits being more persuasive to the other person Works Cited Atchley Sarah C The Role of Attractiveness in Dating Selection Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences Kappa Omicron Nu www kon org urc v9 atchley html Bushak Lecia History Of Body Image In America How The Ideal Female And Male Body Has Changed Over Time Medical Daily 14 Dec 2016 www medicaldaily com history body image america how ideal female and male body has changed over 360492 Controversial Study Says Women Find Men Attractive Based on One Body Part Inverse www inverse com article 39410 male attractiveness upper body strength Harrington Rebecca 11 qualities in men that women find attractive Business Insider Business Insider 16 May 2016 www businessinsider com science backed qualities in men women like 2016 5 good looks can be a factor but theyre not as important as you may think in studies women typically choose better looking guys for flings not long term relationships 1 Knapton Sarah The science of sexiness why some people are just more attractive The Telegraph Telegraph Media Group 12 Mar 2016 www telegraph co uk science 2016 03 12 the science of sexiness why some people are just more attractive Stevens Alison Pearce What makes a pretty face Science News for Students 21 July 2017 www sciencenewsforstudents org article what makes pretty face

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