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Many people chose to identify themselves in different ways We define ourselves as the groups we belong to the people we spend time with traits we were born with and even skills we have acquired Self identification is often done with little effort because our brains have been wired to separate things into black and white boxes This wiring is so strong that people often reach new levels of internal chaos when their self identifiers clash with that of their culture friends or society There are those pioneers those trailblazers those brave individuals who think outside the box and realize their own worth regardless of what society tries to force on them Each of us plays our own important role in not only our human history but the history of the universe We hope that not only in our professions but in our daily lives we learn to see these courageous souls for what they really are our fellow humans important individuals in the fabric of our life 

As a Mexican American Male who was raised catholic but has become open to the idea of various religions and beliefs I like to consider myself someone who has many homes or cultures I try not to let my dis abilities define me knowing plenty of people out there have it worse than me instead I try to learn more about conditions like bipolar depression and physical injuries disabilities in hopes that it will become a connection to other people and create a certain understanding that some people without a condition could sympathize with but never fully understand Being born in America is like winning the lottery and being born in Sacramento CA has been one as well I feel lucky to have been born in the metaphoric melting pot our land has come to be called From my time as a sailor in the United States Navy I have had the opportunity to travel and see more than just the viewpoints of Elk Grove and South Sacramento From city to city state to state and country to country views of the world vary even from people who would identify as similar using other personal identifiers ethnicity race gender socioeconomic class etc I feel rich in experience both good and bad Being from a small family having a large extended family and belonging to a cornucopia of clubs and groups throughout life has shown me that there are many ways to see the world and not just my small American window of experience There are many reasons I have taken this class and many more why I shall stay Of course I am the same in everyone in that this class is a stepping stone towards not only and education but a profession I decided to pursue nursing as a career because of my mother who is often sick and has frequent trips to the hospital I've seen many nurses who have been kind and helpful as well as those who seem to hate their job life 

Being with my mother on these trips I know how much of a difference a kind patient and competent nurse can be Having this background allows me a different insight to the patient one of understanding and empathy I full well intend to bring my patients customers the absolute best side of me when serving them I know that diversity and compassion and open mindedness are key in being able to deliver the best service possible to those in need I know my patients will come from many backgrounds faiths and cultures and being able to be a kind voice of understanding will be a great asset to not only my hospital but to my community This semester I hope to learn about nature vs nurture As humans we are all plagued and blessed a certain working balance of our nature vs nurture We are all born with genetic dispositions from a myriad of susceptibilities to certain illnesses and disabilities yet we all maintain our own uniqueness our own skills and strengths Some of these negative dispositions will affect our lives but it is the goal of modern medicine and healthcare to nurture our knowledge base giving us a fighting chance to overcome and be our best selves A family history of diabetes or heart disease can be staved off with ample knowledge and will power and medication if need be I hope to learn thoroughly our part in being able to control our destiny so that I may help patients come to the same understanding Some things are beyond our control but whatever part of ourselves we can control we must

 The things we do the choices we make the way we choose to identify ourselves are all a sum of our experience Whether we choose to be strong willed individuals or submit to roles and labels society tries to impress upon us it is due to what we've learned along the way If we ve been taught to be brave has it paid off in the past Have we been oppressed by some bully and so come to submit to anyone who pushes hard enough I implore you to decide today to be brave tomorrow If you be brave enough fight for those who cannot or will not fight for themselves Learn to understand and have compassion for those around you and to celebrate each other's differences Experience everything you can and learn from those experiences to see the world with new eyes Take these principles and more to your profession and to your daily life so you and everyone around you can learn and grow together We must realize we are all pieces in the same puzzle and that no matter how far apart we feel we are things aren't quite complete without each and every one of us

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