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Build and nurture customer relationships by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to launch a multicultural program feature on our website that will allow Spanish French speaking customers to switch from English by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to put in place an auto responder provide newsletters to customers and create a forum to answer customer queries by March 2018 KACES Travel Agency plans to establish a market presence that assures profitability growth and success by offering monthly specials to customers starting in April 2018 B Medium Term Goals To expand KACES Travel Agency to St James by December 2021 Engage in Social Media advertising starting January 2019 Acquire an office space in Montego Bay Town Centre by December 2019 Contract an advertising consultant for six months to help analyze and capitalize on KACES customer s travelling trends by December 2020 Increase revenue by 5 every quarter through advertising starting March 2020 To increase traffic to KACES Travel Agency website by at least 50 by the end of December 2020 Acquire at least 95 percent positive customer feedback regarding the KACES Travel Agency products and services by December 2022 Design KACES customer service research process to include questionnaires and incentives such as monthly drawings for free products or discounts on future purchases for customers who take the time to respond starting in January 2021 KACES will be recognized for delivering a high quality product that offers low fares on time performance and a courteous and hassle free service to our customers by December 2021 KACES will inspire customer loyalty with our consistent and reliable service by June 2020 KACES will utilize social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to address customer queries and communicate information and offers on a regular basis starting by December 2021 KACES will offer no penalty booking changes every quarter for three days in 2021

C Long term Goals Building partnership within the local hotel industry by January 2026 Attract and retain talented employees who have law and marketing experience by August 2025 Develop proposal documents for Sandals RIU etc by December 2025 KACES Travel Agency will offer special promotions through partnership with Knutsford Courtleigh Hotel and Altamont Court Hotels by December 2024 Double revenue by the end of December 2026 Up selling travel packages to increase revenue starting March 2026 KACES will cater to the needs of the discerning business travelers who value punctuality more than on board frills by offering a package of value added services in exchange for a reasonable upgrade fee while retaining the budget carrier principle KACES will be the most preferred travel agency as we build our customer base through location expansion and networking of our agency Building the company s name recognition within the community through community outreach projects by March 2028 Partake in the major corporate special cause runs by November 2027 KACES will offer educational scholarship to five secondary schools annually starting July 2028 Justification for business selection Prior to a uniformed consensus from all business partners to establish KACES Travel Agency there were three other business ideas that were discussed and evaluated using the Macro Scanning method for evaluating the best business idea These business ideas were evaluated using a Likert scale rating each component of the Macro Scanning template please see appendices Macro Scanning Template and totaled each score The critical success factor for each business idea was then listed for discussion and then evaluated Upon completion of this evaluation of the macro scanning all partners evaluated each business idea once more this time using the micro scanning method to rate and assess the availability of ready customers resources and level of competition These scores were then sub totaled and added to the micro template to achieve a final total for evaluating each business idea It was at this point all partners decided to establish KACES Travel Agency as a business because it had the highest overall rating score for both macro and micro Scanning with a grand total of 29 over other business ideas rating 24 23 and 23 respectively This provided a clearer graphical illustration that this business idea is the most feasible and provided a business opportunity and as such all partners that would achieve good returns on investment

This was further followed up by conducting a Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat Analysis SWOT technique to plan how to position this establishment within the travel agency industry by assessing both internal and external criteria as well as negatives and positives of our projected business opportunity see Appendices SWOT Analysis Mission Be the world s most trusted and creative travel Services Company by looking beyond the horizon to anticipate change providing world class service through a team of highly trained and engaged professionals in shaping the next generation of business and personal travel Motto Relax You're with us We make it simple We make it work We deliver what we promise and only promise what we can deliver Vision Be the world's most trusted and creative travel Services Company by looking beyond the horizon to anticipate change We re passionate about shaping the next generation of business and personal travel Service Vision An innovator with creative service excellence to our clients at all points of contact

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